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Hackers Aren't the Scariest Part of Election Security

Nervous about election tampering? You may be looking in the incorrect put. Dexter Thomas hung out with hackers in Las Vegas …

21 thoughts on “Hackers Aren't the Scariest Part of Election Security

  1. First off, you expose new conspiracies or new vulnerabilities? Second, how is it ok that you have all these conspiracies that these groups are conspirators? Sounds like a conspiracy to conspire. Just count the votes lady… stop wondering what events the voter cares to attend. If you believe someone is a bad actor, do you change their vote? Who cares what they believe. They have a right to vote. Even if you disagree with the method they chose to choose whom they vote for. Just count the votes. Justice is blind, elections are rigged. Open your eyes. If we're not worried about election integrity, why the video about it? It never happened but the video shows how easily it could. How is that not inviting conspiracy theories? If its possible it needn't be plausible. Lets go Brandon! Empty shelves aren't a conspiracy, they are a reality. Lets all vote for less empty shelves. Please don't change my vote because you don't like the ideas in my head. Count the vote, don't worry about why your candidate lost. Period.

  2. I don't think she's very smart. A smart person would consider that when there's a will there's a way. The biggest mistake we can make is assuming that we are always right. And P.S. people don't trust their neighbors.and clerks. It is crumbling.

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