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The Homemade Guns of Taiwan

No one is authorized to possess guns in Taiwan, with a single exception: Indigenous hunters. But you will find a capture. Every single hunter have to make …

26 thoughts on “The Homemade Guns of Taiwan

  1. As a hunter myself, people fail to realise that hunting protects the eco system and balances it out. Especially in the UK where I'm from, industrialisation and centuries of environmental destruction killed all of our big predators like bears and wolves, now there are too many prey species and the eco system cannot survive unless their numbers are culled.

  2. Governments will always tighten the noose of subjigation tighter and tighter.
    It is their nature to do so.
    I wish the indigenous people of Taiwan the best in keeping their precious traditions alive.

  3. These animals here in America throwing there trash bags out the window with Biden Stickers. See it daily here. They cry and cry about the environment. Democrats are hypocrites in every way! Period

  4. Democrats want restriction restriction regulation regulation! Regulation regulation. Gas 6$ a gallon. Regulate Regulate. Gas 7$ a gallon! Regulate! Ban guns ban large cokes, ban menthol cigs, Ban ban ban ban ban. Ban colored tattoos, ban ban ban ban. Democrat way. Don't be fooled by the hypocrites! Vote Republican! It's the only way to be free in America!

  5. This article is so full of hypocricies it's amusing. The minority wants guns! There rights are taking away! More guns! HAHAHA. In America they would vote Democrat though. Democrats want to take your guns away. Democrats here in America through trash out the window! They vote for Climate Change! I am living witness! Section 8 housing has devastated the cleanliness of my community! Democrat heavy population. In Republican areas it's cleaner and people are more civilized! Facts not opinion

  6. why can't the ROC Gov simply allow these Indigenous Hunters to buy 18-19th centuary Modern copy Musket (eg Percussion/Flint Lock Muzzleloader)as this is the best solution in considering Gun Control and safety of the hunters……… one would use a muzzleloading musket to rob a bank when the police/armed guards are armed with Glock or Pump action shotgun

    and why dont those Indigenous hunters set up a Club/ Association and through fund raising to buy proper Gun making /Blacksmith workshop tools eg: Lathe,drill press, Hydraulic press,mordern forge stove …………..

    as the law only stated the Gun must be handmade but didnt say how to make it ………and with modern industrial tools they can make SAFE AND POWERFUL MUSKETs …………..๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  7. It just goes to prove that politicians are not intellectuals who understand the intricacies of the world, but sales people who win with their sales pitch that end up hurting people.

  8. at the very least they deserve to have a single shot .410 shotgun as a do all. and even that is considered light. heck we can get black powder firearms sent to us in the mail, no paper work. by law we don't even consider black powder guns as firearms.

  9. the government can make a deal where the indigenous people get funding to manage the land. and then they can sell and give hunting tags. if its a community luxury that the people take pride in. they will take pride in protecting the land. plus the amount of money from tourist hunters that would pay for a traditional meal made by grandma's cooking. where the whole community can sit and have traditional game meals.

    in certain pacific islands they allow the people to scavenge turtle eggs for 2 days during the egg laying season for traditional meals and drinks. as a result the whole community will fight to protect the turtles eggs. when the turtles hatch the whole community will gather to scare off the birds and help to make sure all the baby turtles make it to the ocean safely. as a result the turtles thrive better. even tho the people gather and eat the eggs for those 2 days. when the turtle hatch much more turtle are able to get to the ocean safely with the communities help.

  10. Chad Indigenous Taiwanese, make their own guns, don't trust the police or government (rightly so), are badasses fighting for representation and rights, will be on the frontlines fighting china

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