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Joe Burrow said 'HOLD UP' to the Chiefs & led the Bengals to the Super Bowl – Max Kellerman | KJM

33 thoughts on “Joe Burrow said 'HOLD UP' to the Chiefs & led the Bengals to the Super Bowl – Max Kellerman | KJM

  1. Four years ago, Urban Meyer decides to make Dwayne Haskins the starting quarterback and Burrow decides to transfer out. He wanted to go to Nebraska, but Scott Frost said, "We have Martinez". He goes to LSU wins a National Championship, Heisman and gets drafted #1. Now Meyer's coaching career is in the toilet, Dwayne Haskins holds a clipboard when his wife isn't beating him up, and Scott Frost is still looking for a QB that isn't a turnover machine. And Joe Burrow, as Morgan Freeman said of Andy Dufresne (who I think Burrow looks like), "He came out the other end smelling like a rose".

  2. Keyshawn "I'll take Carr over Burrow" Johnson is such a loser, just say the bengals are better than the chiefs without qualifying it. hes been hating on the bengals all year.

  3. sports is not about storylines geez. they say its about storylines because they need to find a way to keep people emotionally invested so these shows get away from actual sports talk and goes into TMZsports/E true hollywood story. It's as if ESPN is convinced that the audience that watches them is a bunch of gossip girls, and we're not. please just talk about the actual game on the field

  4. You can say the chiefs threw but at the end of the day, they scored only 3 points after scoring as many as they did touchdowns in their first 3 drives!!! That last OT INTERCEPTION was incredible! Playing Hill like they did on that play was ALL BENGALS DEFENSE. When many defenses would’ve crumbled, they did THAT👀👀

  5. It sure looked like to me that this game already had a pre determined out come. You guys know it as well as all the chief's kingdom that the chief's was told by some big wig to throw the game.

  6. Keyshawn saying Kansas City won that game is the same as saying the bills beat Kansas City 🤦‍♂️🤣 should’ve , would’ve , could’ve 🤷‍♂️ joe burrow & the bengals are legit!

  7. Doesn’t matter what the score was. They got the ball in ot and just had to score. They didn’t. Cincinnati did. Exciting watching them and can’t believe eli apple is heading to the super bowl lol he made it tho that’s what he was supposed to be with ny. And joe is nice

    I’m a giants fan haha

  8. 24-0 to the chargers was a different score too wasn’t it? and that wouldn’t have finished the way it did if Mixon doesn’t have his 1 fumble that I remember all year by him, after 2 muffed punts and a dropped TD that turned into a int from Burrow to Chase! Watch this D this next week work, game of their lives! If things don’t go overly bad like scorched earth in all their losses pretty much, they have all turn out extremely well for this team! And they can beat anybody, if they play sound football, it doesn’t have to be great football, just sound! Against a Rams team that struggled with that JV Ravens team not too long ago! 🤫🤔 Yeah they’re fine!

  9. Yeah 24 10 is a 14 point deficit Keyshawn…

    Ya know like the 3 14 point deficits the Bengals came back on the Chiefs the first time around?

    Max was right. The lead was by no means safe even if they kicked a field goal.

    A TD right there… okay maybe it would've put the game away.

  10. Listen stop trying to make excuses for the chiefs, they got out coached and outplayed in a second half plain and simple. the Bengals made huge adjustments they rushed three dropped eight, double team Kelsey shut him down, they pressure Patrick mahomes and also kept him from running. Chiefs have the ball six times in a second half score three points with two turnovers and punts. This exact thing happened two weeks ago, Bengals were out played big time in the first half came back in a second half shut the chiefs down only let them score three points in a second half and the Bengals came back and won that game. This is more about the Bengals play then the chiefs lack of play. Who Dey baby!!!

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