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Said Nurmagomedov claims Suga Sean O’Malley is ducking him…

41 thoughts on “Said Nurmagomedov claims Suga Sean O’Malley is ducking him…

  1. Isn't Said the guy that fought for $17K. Of course he is calling out Sean O'Malley. He has nothing to offer Sean. Strategically not logical. Sean is doing it right with his brand. The brand is EVERYTHING.

  2. I swear chaels takes are getting dumber and dumber. I see the promoter coming out full force here. Most still like ufc for actual fighting and testing your skills against the best. This going for money and buisness crap is getting annoying. Talking about O’Malley is getting annoying. Let’s see if he actually now fights ranked guys since he’s ranked. Been calling it for a while. O’Malley is going to be popular with the main stream but I highly doubt he will ever be a champion. His minds on money/fame not gold

  3. Who the hell are they going to give Sean to fight then that's a legit guy? They talk about slowly building him up as a prospect but that was 2017. They can't give this guy a top 15 ranking and then keep cherry picking shit guys for him to fight, eventually no one is going to care. Either fight someone like Said or go back to being an unranked can crusher its as simple as that

  4. I mean tbf Sean is literally ducking everybody. I can’t even say I blame him. He’s got a lot of hype, and he’s used that hype to get a lot of money and even more hype and he’s not even a main event or ranked fighter yet. I can’t fault the guy for riding the clock essentially and trying to get that shit going because it’s what is best for him. The first time they threw him in there with an up and comer prospect who they thought he’d beat who actually had some serious talent and skill as well and would eventually end up being ranked and taking out great guys and fighting legends like José aldo, he was beat and so I think for allllll the excuses that came from O’Malley or all the O’Malley fans who see that as some one off fluke, that O’Malley and the ufc as well are aware throwing Sean in there with killers might not be the best way forward. I mean no doubt Sean is a killer himself and I mean he’s got amazing striking, but he’s not this world beater and he’s not without his flaws and so he’s taking it slow, and handpicking opponents that are favorable to him and holding onto his big hype and big fame and creating more by looking like an absolute world beater out here beating tomato cans who are all significantly smaller then him and with insane reach disadvantages. Throw him in there with another killer like said, who has shown he can snatch that neck up if he wants to and also is a long lanky technical striker and this whole bubble might get popped so ofc he’s ducking him. Shit the best thing for Sean would be the ufc to give him Cody garbrandt fight on a silver platter, bow tied, while Cody is coming off i don’t even know how many consecutive knockout losses.

  5. Suga Sean should change his name to stoner shine which is really is he's a Muppet at best Marlon aka Chito Vera exposed him big time. I don't read him amongst the top five Peter Young would destroy him maybe in 5 years when he developed his skills he will be better but as it stands he's keeping himself relevant with things outside the cage lol

  6. Cody Garbrandt begs to differ. He's a silver platter for Sean: ex-champ to boost Sean's resume and on a skid, giving Sean a decent (or at least better chance) of beating Cody than if he was in his prime. They also have beef between them, so it would be a money fight for them both, especially if you can get it on a big card. But O'Malley doesn't want to take it. Why? No idea.

  7. Sean O’Malley has been protected he’s used to reach the youngsters he’s a 69 wanna be . His best bet is to not fight anyone with any skill set . He needs to stay away from real fighters he’s a show boater not a killer . His talent is promotion on the Internet . He better do it while he can . The truth will show . Someone’s gonna knock his highlights off !

  8. seriously chael dont be stupid u dont think lil sugar sean would deny a fight with a real fighter🤣when all he does is pick an choose to fight dudes who look like 8th graders…

  9. russians dont lie for no reason an nurmogdemdov seems like he has morals an wouldnt lie about that shit..dudes a monster ofcoarse sean said hell no he knows hell get his ass beat an hes tryin to skate by an look like sonthing hes not

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