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Making Fun of Dead Anti-Vaxxers Is Now Mainstream

Predominantly white, Christian, and suitable-wing, dead anti-vaxxers are furnishing a supply of morbid comedy for a escalating …

29 thoughts on “Making Fun of Dead Anti-Vaxxers Is Now Mainstream

  1. Uh no. I don’t wish I never heard about it.

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with publicly shaming these people. It saves lives. The right does this with trans people and suicide, that’s way worse.

  2. I think the pandemic has been a great way of illustrating to science deniers what happens when you don't listen to experts/peer reviewed literature. They'll probably never get a more immediate consequence from the results of their actions. Whereas, with something like climate change, the consequences and their actions are so separated, it's not surprising that they don't believe it. So publicly shaming anti-vaxxers might be one way of getting through to other science deniers, or maybe its just another way of putting a face to the covid death numbers.

  3. Sorry. You can't use "misinformation" as a reason for people's stupidity. Especially when every person has tried, ad nauseum, to correctly inform them after the fact, and they refuse to do anything but listen to fringe takes on any subject. Flat Earthers are a prime example of this phenomena. With massive amounts of data to the contrary, they STILL believe the Earth is flat. Even if those people actually went up in a rocket, they'd perform so many mental gymnastics to come to the conclusion that they were being lied to.

    "Oh, they 'shot' me up into 'space' with a 'rocket', but what they actually did was put me into a Star Trek type Holodeck. I can just open the door into 'space' and walk out!"

    And they'd do it, regardless of any evidence that's presented to them. Willful ignorance is a scary thing. These people vote. These people drive. These people teach our kids. These people are in government positions. Besides dragging them out and removing these people from positions of power, there's nothing else we can do BUT laugh and shrug it off.

    You can't fix stupid. You can't cure willful ignorance. You can only mitigate its effects to the best of your abilities. You can only soften the damage these people do, but you can never eliminate it.

  4. This is dumb. I am subject to the misinformation campaign as well, but I’m smart enough to figure out what’s real and what isn’t.
    Hiding behind the “these are victims of misinformation” is actually saying “These people couldn’t figure it out in time and now they are dead” and as far as I know and understand that’s how Nature works. This is nothing more than predictable outcomes to situations that the rest of us navigated successfully. In the spirit of this video, I won’t directly say I’m glad they are gone, but I AM happy that they can’t cause any more problems for the rest of us.
    Good work Nature, well done.

  5. This is one of the reasons why I absolutely hate Trump and my heart breaks for the people that swallowed his lies. How were they supposed to know the President of the Fucking United States was lying to them? I don’t find them contemptible, I find them pitiful.

  6. Sorry if we're out of compassion for the ignorants. There's only so much place in each of our hearts. The anti-vaxxers made that decision easy for me , long ago

  7. I kind of interpreted this video a bit differently. I agree the comparison should not have been made but what I agreed with was the fact that I truly don’t understand how someone can so easily make fun of people AFTER someone has died. It’s one thing if you make fun of anti vaxxers or voice your opinion. But the moment a person dies and your first reaction is to continue to make fun or enter into a “I told you so” “we were right you were wrong” “well that’s what you get” kind of mentality, that’s the part I have a hard time wrapping my brain around.

  8. Instagram is instant. The data classified by our government isn't timeless, either…though….
    It was a generation lesson to see the whistleblower hearings by senator Johnson in the Senate completely suppressed within twenty four hours by Facebook Instagram and tiktok. As well as others.
    It was the nine eleven to the new generation.

  9. I never cared and I will continue to not care about people who wilfully endanger other poeple's lives the way antivaxxers do

  10. At first I felt for them, cuz of tRump. Not any more. He is gone, hopefully his lies will die out soon, if they survive. But I really do not care. My hubby has HEART FAILURE. It will kill him. All sympathy gone, cuz I am STILL LOCKED UP.

  11. Yeah no. All the information is available to them, the CHOSE not to. Not to mention they put others at risk of infection and actually infecting, making this virus go on and on. Where is their patriotism? They can only yell and waive flags and wear maga stupid hats.

  12. the hermain cane award subreddit isn't celebrating the deaths of anti-vaxxers, but is instead exclamation of their own arrogance to deny covid or completely ignore precautions, which inevitably kill that person. It's more of a warning than a celebration death, as this "journalist" 5:20 ironically attempts to take his on cheap shot at those who acknowledge the arrogant who tease a deadly disease. I'd rather laugh at the arrogant than protect them like a woke moron who doesn't stand for anything except moral relativity at best.

  13. While I don't agree with the whole process of tracking people to their grave, there is still some dark humor to be made regarding the idiots who "took a stand" against the vaccine and it backfired.

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