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People Saying the Last Election Was Stolen Want to Run the Next One

Previous President Donald Trump wishes persons faithful to him in demand of elections in 2024. At the very least 21 candidates who imagine he …

34 thoughts on “People Saying the Last Election Was Stolen Want to Run the Next One

  1. No God wasn’t anointing Trump…These people stop following God’s word. Now they follow Myths. God used Trump for one thing Moving our Embassy to Jerusalem. Amen.

  2. The Big Lie is a massive boon for republicans because it allows them to latch their hooks into the usual median conservative voter who’s too dumb to understand policy, so instead they solely vote based on hype and conspiracy. The fact that the strategy is both being used and working should tell you all you need to know about the modern GOP.

  3. So basically they are doing the same thing the people who lost in 2016 said and did, only these new group that lost in 2020 isn't going to spend every day until the next election screaming "Russia Russia Russia" and fabricating new and increasingly stupider conspiracies and lies to somehow undermine the Office of the President over absolutely nothing at all. Seems the "nothing burger" has been taken off the menu.

  4. Biden's "victory" is dubious because it makes no statistical sense. How did he lose Ohio by a wide margin and win the election? When was the last time a president got elected after losing Ohio? 1960. Another dubious election.

  5. Remember people the big orange Buffoon said out loud that the people counting the votes are more important then the candidate! remember that next time you drop a ballot.
    These people arent your friends get that much right.

  6. Because if you have actually followed them, watch the hearings and read the findings you’ll find that they are 100% right.

    Only more evidence about 2020 has been exposed since then. Nothing serious has ever been debunked.

  7. Hmm why don’t you show the results if the AZ audit to debunk him then? Dint leave out all the fraudulent ballots found or data deletions to hide the vote.

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