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Why Some Star Athletes Are So Vaccine-Averse

The complete US Olympic group is vaccinated from COVID-19 and most American skilled athletes are, way too. But there are …

44 thoughts on “Why Some Star Athletes Are So Vaccine-Averse

  1. Why ? Because far more people than what you think don't agree with your new medical religion and don't feel like converting just yet… Athletes are just famous so it shows..

  2. Gotta love how Vice coin it all as "anti-vax". propoganda at its best. 99.99% of all people who haven't had this COVID vax are NOT anti vaxers, they just against a vaccine for something that you have 99.6% chance of survival…? BTW how the heck does me getting the vaccine keep others safe…. when I have natural immunity..? Please explain?

  3. Athletes are also MUCH MORE INDEPENDENT in general…you think maybe that might be why they are more willing to say no to something they don't want to? Or are they just arrogant and stupid like your suggesting….Vice sucks once again

  4. 16 percent of premiership players unvaccinated doesn't seem much different from the general population. Your just annoyed that premiership players or any other athlete are generally more influential than the average person and they're not getting in line. You can clench your fists in anger and frustration as much as you want. This pandemic will soon pass and Jokavic, Irving and Rogers will have remained unvaccinated.

  5. Arrogant on behalf of the athletes, NO how about ignorant and behalf of Vice for not understanding that nearly all pro athletes who came down with coronavirus via + test were asymptomatic……   ZERO SYMPTOMS and since when did Vice put on all that makeup they said they didn't wear?

  6. ayy doctor ? next time bring the research and proofs to the table and show us. Everyone keeps talking about it, but nobody showed anything yet. And looks at one of the best football players of premier league: Aguero

  7. LOL and this is why VICE is a fucking JOKE. They really mad and found a 6th round pick clown that STILL wants to push for ppl to get vaccinated even if for WHATEVER reason they just don’t want to.

  8. “These are top dogs so they can get away with it.” So are you saying they are shiesty, selfish and basically avoiding health requirements because they shouldn’t be able to? For what reason? The government and medical field isn’t and hasn’t been 100% accurate on anything for the history of all existence. Just look how often they tell you what foods are good and what aren’t and 10yr a later it’s the opposite. Yeah, they want our best interest I’m sure but why is it not ok to just question whether something is ok before being forced to do it?

    I still remember telling the doctor before my back surgery (from a surgeon diff from PK Dr) that the pain killers they were once prescribing me were over the top and I was becoming addicted or having to take them to feel normal. He tried to convince me they were helping, it was ok and I just needed a different medicine plan which ended up being more painkillers. I went and saw his partner instead who listened to me and told me I was the 2nd person to ever want to not have them prescribed since they had been a provider….. Yeah, wonder why I don’t first believe everything I am told, just one example right there… I kicked them on my own and it was tough but I’m skeptical of everything now until I’m comfortable it’s right for me. They didn’t care about me getting hooked or losing everything but I do!!! The same reason I’m skeptical about all this because it is a fact that can’t be denied – the long term effects from the vaccine aren’t known. It’s not possible to know them until we are generations into this just like other vaccines. So when my chances of beating Covid aren’t that bad because I don’t have underlying morbidities, why don’t I have a choice to not do something or risk public shaming, etc… Insane we aren’t able to make our own choices or if you don’t trust the “professionals” you are a detriment to society. So sick of everyone becoming so righteous and expert on all this stuff when another fact is, they probably don’t know the outcome a year from now just like me or other ‘professionals’. Oh, and I don’t want Covid or anything like that so it’s not like I think I am Superman or something. I just should be free to choose as an adult what bad/good things I want to do and not be told what those are from anyone or else…

  9. I have never venerated athletes nor sport. While I truly admire former professionals like Dr. Rolle for what they accomplished outside the grid iron, virtually most athletes in my view, know nothing about how the world around them works, so of course, they are the last people on earth that I would be listening to regarding medical science and public health. They are simply manufactured for our amusement and entertainment nothing more.

    Don't wanna follow the science? That's fine, and totally your loss. Yes, it ain't perfect, but that is why those of us who dedicate our lives to math and science to understand how Mother Nature works are "lifelong learners," because there is still much to learn about the universe and it always changes. So we consequently adapt our knowledge and skill set accordingly.

    If you can't even comprehend that basic element…..well, you are just as clueless and stupid as these jocks…..likely more.

  10. Rolle was such a great player. I remember watching him plus playing with him on NCAA Football when he was at FSU. He was a hard hitter but more than likely the smartest player on the Field. When he decided to get his Ph.D. I believe at Oxford instead of continuing his professional Football career. The respect I had for him then and to see how intelligent plus well-spoken on this point. I generally appreciate him stepping up and talking is more than I think the everyday person knows. As a former college Football player myself sometimes we choose not to speak on things. Thank you!

  11. People are just scared because the vaccines were made so fast no one knows of any future side effects. It's no a conspiracy or anything.
    Vaccine companies rushing to the gold trying to make the best vaccines. Some people are nervous about that some are not.

  12. "body autonomy" in this case equals selfish idiot or "I don't care what is good for society I want to do whatever I want and screw everyone else because I think I know better that scientific fact" Do we still have Polio running around the world or did we basically eliminated it because everyone stepped up and was not selfish so millions didn't get Polio??? How selfish can you get?

  13. I was an athlete for years and the best part of this whole thing is to know that more than half of these people do hard drugs on the free time. Aparently a approved vaccine is not safe, but a line of cocaine in the bathroom is… 😂😂

  14. Can we talk about the amount of "science" that is done on performance enhancing supplements (re: virtually none) and the willingness to take risks with one's body to gain said advantage in contrast to the large scale randomized controlled trials that were done on the vaccine before it became available to the general public.

  15. If I were a Vaxxer, I'd be far more concerned with what is happening to countless other Vaxxers:

    Christopher Stalford, (photographer) Chris Coulter, Jamal Edwards, Gaia Young, Michelle Hayes, Jordan Robinson, Cameran Wheatley, Lucy Taberer, Ernesto Ramirez Jr, Leah Carolan, Dr. Paul Farmer, Founder Of Partners In Health, Jamie A. (Knox) Bouchard, Katie Novak, Kevin Gregory, Madison High principal David Robinson, Conall McGuiness, Autumn Tennison, 21… RIP.

    Betsy Castle (elementary school principal), (college student) Heather Marie Rotz, Paula Cohen-Martin (author), coach Stephen Spitzer, Sandra Clifford, teacher Cathy Malgieri, Labour MP Jack Dromey, Preston Settles, Tobiloba Taiwo, Javier Silva-Biotti, Alice Koh, Jamal Edwards, Victorian Labor Senator Kimberley Kitching, Calvin Middleton, Knoxville teacher Eric Robertson, Shane Warne (cricket player), Dr. SarahBeth Hartlage, Senior Australian investment banker Chris Forman aged 48.… RIP.

    Scottish parliament official David Hill, Irish UN Jim Kelly, 16-year-old Welsh football player Elgan Jones, cyclist Tomas Walsh 43, cyclist Andrew Oliver 36, Edinburgh dad Darren Dickson, Ryan Lerkee age 33, NI businessman Ciaran McGuran age 43, Christopher Crisler age 38, Tomas Walsh age 43, Robert Doogan 33, Rutgers U student Ronald Anthony Croce 24, St Louis County executive Cora Faith Walker, PLYMOUTH – Town Clerk Pearl Sears, vocalist Keaton Pierce, country singer Jeff Carson, Zarife Imeri, 23, Cedric baekeland 28, Helena de Marco Lavalle- 5 Year Old Girl From Brazil… RIP.

    RIP to Petra Mayer (NPR), and Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial, both JUST had their booster days prior.

    Kim Mi-Soo and Brittany Lauderback , Marvelous Marvin Hagler, rapper DMX, Alexandros Lampis… RIP.

    Eric Blumreich, Coach Ron Frederick, EMT Matthew Clancy, Bradley Bowman, Serbegeth Singh, Breck Denny, TikTok creator Candice Murley.. RIP

  16. Christopher Stalford, Chris Coulter, Jamal Edwards, Gaia Young, Michelle Hayes, Jordan Robinson, Cameran Wheatley, Lucy Taberer, Ernesto Ramirez Jr, Leah Carolan, Dr. Paul Farmer, Founder Of Partners In Health, Jamie A. (Knox) Bouchard, Katie Novak, Kevin Gregory, Madison High principal David Robinson, Conall McGuiness, … RIP

    Sick and/or hospitalized after Jab: Senator Ben Ray Lujan (had a stroke!) Oscar De La Hoya, Gavin Newsom, Jen Psaki, Whoopi Goldberg… Swiss olympian Sarah Atcho… now down with career-ending (at best) Pericarditis.

  17. You making an entire video talking about a bunch of athletes that are healthy and unvaccinated.

    Why not make a video about atheletes that have been vaccinated and are forced to retire due to heart problems.

  18. You know what else can happen to you? A vaccine adverse reaction. Which will then be denied by doctors, you will be gaslit and it will be blamed on you, and you'll be on your own. For a pro athlete, they're out a multi millionaire dollar career and out of luck. Yeah, NO THANKS

  19. Although I try to never actually be a criminal? My wife hs commented so many times that I have a very criminal mind because I am ever pondering the ways around laws and how to get away with crimes etc…I just have a mind that loves to solve problems relative to nearly anything. And so wirh that I have to say I cant understand why any olympic hopeful that is REALLY actually fearful about wheather a vaccination MIGHT have any sort of negative impct on his/her health? WHY oh WHY would they not simply get (even pay) somone to get the vaccine FOR them? Easy peasy done and done….and they cant even say it is because they would not want to lie if they plan on lying anyway trying to sneak past the demand they be vaccinated! Which leaves me thinking it boils down to pride and taking a stand…they wanted to at some point let the world know they did not get one? Yet still competed and won?? Man I bet a certain tennis player is SO sorry he did not do the DUHH thing of having someone get vaccinated as him

  20. No doubt there are plenty of people that NEVER got vccinated but got their vax card siply by naving someone stand in for them…..duhhh ….its only the ones that pridefully refused to have anything to do with it….that intentionally took a stand that make the news etc. With all the Fing chemicals everywhere and wierd potential of things totally beyond our control that we are eating and taking as suppliments and breathing etc etc it just seems utterly ridiculous to make a HUGE thing over a vaccine that simply injects some non funcional PIECES of a virus for your immune system to make antibodies too…SERIOUSLY?? Someone with a functional BRAIN is really going to sing THAT out as the thing to worry endlessly over? and make a big baby fuss over? Whats funny to me is some that I know that rant on about it and yet they eat CRAP for a diet and take bizare untested supliments or get hormone injections etc….to me it totally nails it ALL being political with regard to the vaccine and the mask wearing….and the arguments against the masks? I about split a gut laughing hearing the straight faced reasoning one heard on a radio show that because virus is so small it goes right through a mask….LOL…but the virons are not isolated they are IN your saliva and mucous…..DUHHH….and those particles and droplets are comparetively HUGE compared to lone virons and OF COURSE they are trapped or severely thwarted by any good mask….even cloth will prevent many from being dispersed DUHH….and EVEN if over all they are only 10% effective or only kept 10% people finally from infection? Well OVER one million have DIED as result of the virus in the US alone so 10% is a HUNDRED THOUSAND lives saved! Shoot ONE PERCENT is still TEN THOUSAND lives….not to mention just when they were trying to slow transmission down! When hospitals in large metropolitan areas were OVERWHELMED and there were not even enough beds doctors nurses and equiptment…..and yet JERKS were getting violent against people wearing masks tearing them off faces and punching people… was just AGGGGHHHHH!!!

  21. If you look at the CDC statistics for myocarditis from covid vaccination, men ages 12-24 are at a 133x risk…..meaning most pro athletes are at more of a risk for myocarditis from vaccination than hospitalization from covid.

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