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Avocado prices expected to rise as US halts imports from Mexico

25 thoughts on “Avocado prices expected to rise as US halts imports from Mexico

  1. Costa Rica did this a few years ago, under the excuse of preventing contamination of CR's with some illness the trees in Mexico were experiencing. Mexico took them to international court over it, not sure of the outcome, but I live in CR and haven't seen a Mexican avocado in the years since the ban.

  2. You're doing EXACTLY what the Mexican cartels want. This will cause prices to go way up, and cause even more demand for their avocados.
    Did we learn nothing from the drug wars?

  3. Not gonna lie, if you have tried mexican avocados you know well that Mexican avocados are superior to American ones. First off, they are twice the size of American avocados and twice less expensive and 100 times better tasting. So this just sounds like an American issue trying to rip off consumers as usual. It's okay, more avocados for Mexico and the rest of Latin America and Canada.

  4. America: for the people, by the people – and we do know very well who these "people" are [sapienti sat]…. California avocados are to be banned soon – in favor of avocados from one small but unbelieably terrorist Middle Eastern country….

  5. So, when the legitimate Mexican Avocado farmers go out of business from this American ban of Mexican Avocados, who will be buying the Mexican Avocado farmers farms? Who else has the capital in Mexico to buy the farms? Who is already trying to take over the legitimate farmers Avocado farms? A phone call to an inspector is not the reason for the ban on Mexican Avocados people. Wake up!!!

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