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Storms near Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro kill 34, fears toll may rise

39 thoughts on “Storms near Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro kill 34, fears toll may rise

  1. I ask where this people watching Al Jazeera videos are from. They're dumb, I don't know if they are Arabs or fat Americans, but they are dumb. Some of them are saying Rio de Janeiro is near to the Amazon rainforest, they forgot Brazil is the 5 biggest country by land, and Amazon rainforest is a small region in the North of the country. They must believe we live in the jungles, we all are dark skin people living in the trees eating bananas and dancing all the day. 👏👏

  2. At this point, calling such rain events "unexpected" is entirely idiotic. I pay attention to global news & this sort of record-setting rain event is a weekly occurrence.

  3. This is the legacy of 40 years of corrupt governments that go back to the end of the 1985 military regime and which has its main criminal ex-President Lula of the PT. THIS WAS THE WORST CRIMINAL IN THE HISTORY OF BRAZIL and to this day we suffer from the 16 years of corrupt government by the LEFT.

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