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Congressional Stock Trading Is Shady As Hell, But Will It Get Banned?

Voters overwhelmingly believe that users of Congress shouldn’t be in a position to trade shares, but some lawmakers are nonetheless producing a …

26 thoughts on “Congressional Stock Trading Is Shady As Hell, But Will It Get Banned?

  1. it's unethical but they're not exactly damaging the economy or a company by trading these small sums (like a CEO of a company could damage the company he works for, for example), and as they are individuals they cannot provide research for every single one of their trades. In any case a ban on trading single stocks could be a good solution, but you will never prevent people from dumping stock before something like a covid crisis, which was purely speculative in any case.

  2. You mean to report that people are making money off the jobs they have, the things they do, and the knowledge inside or outside they have? OMG this is incredible reporting….call the national press there are people making money….

  3. Nancy, you got rich doing this and when you pass on you'll not take a penny with you… What a legacy… Totally corrupt!

  4. It’s weird to see vice critical of anything a Democrat is involved in, A least they are honest about this. Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of putting personal gain ahead of their voters. Both parties need to be banned from insider trader. It doesn’t matter if you represent San Francisco, CA or Decatur GA, you need to represent your constituents not you portfolio.

  5. No no no, you are focused on the wrong thing. Members of Congress should not be allowed to make laws that benefit Any specific business… ie govt shouldn’t need all these endless spending contracts and eliminate tax code in place of a flat tax with zero credits and loopholes/kickbacks

  6. We hear about this then it goes away. Dirty cheating Bastards. If they cheat at one thing they will cheat whenever it serves them, like an election. We need Lawmakers that are beyond reproach.

  7. When it comes to investing, we want our money to grow with the highest rates of return, and the lowest risk possible. While there are no shortcuts to getting rich, but there are smart ways to go about it

  8. We can see that they are crafting a narrative to rile up public opinion against lawmakers owning stocks… playing right into their hands. Once the bill is passed, they will have a convenient excuse to sell without spooking the market. Then we will enter a multi year/decade bear market that rivals the Great Depression. In Fall 2021, the Federal Reserve also banned their officials from owning stocks. They all know. Watch there be a final strong rally with extreme media hype, drawing retail into the crash.

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