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31 thoughts on “Author Ben Burgis on Dave Chappelle and the Moralism of Canceling Comedians

  1. Oh sh*t another episode about cancel culture. Dude. If you flinch for punches that aren’t even coming. Then someone will ball up and swing at you. You’re either guilty and scared. Or you’re stupid.

  2. Bro… I DONT CARE if you racist, homophobic or whatever it is.. Its your human right . I like your content. Keep it up. Ill support you in your freedom. You can use any words you want. YOU ARE FREE MAN! It offends me to know you aint free. So … DONT OFFEND ME AND HURT MY FEELINGS.

  3. Isn’t it obvious that the powers that be only want you thinking the preferred thoughts? It certainly feels that way. Dave Chappell did more for making me compassionate to Trans people then the trans people screeching online. A lot of Daves detractors or “bad faith actors”.

  4. Dave Chappelles Netflix special wasn't transphobic because he said transphobic things about his friend or trans people in general, it was transphobic because he exposed the ugly misanthropic behavior of certain parts of the radical trans activist movement and he linked THAT with his friends suicide. And those got completly mad because it brillianly showed what's wrong with those extremists.

  5. Cancelling comedians on any ground is wrong. Once they get the comedians it’s over. Because history shows us they went after them first. Let’s stop giving the megaphone and power to the few to dictate the outcome for the many. That’s called tyranny.

  6. Public office is more transparent?? Hello cdc redacts 95% of data on COVID.

    Private schools are way better than public.

    Post office takes billions from govt annually because they fail

    Who is this D bag?

  7. In his first 1:53 of talking he forgot about the comedians who have daily political influences over people: Trevor, Maher, Kimmel, and more subtly Fallon. Nobody hold those accountable for their spin and input on matters outside of a good joke.

  8. Z Putin is defending RUSSIA from CIA NATO controlled Ukraine and their puppet NAZI dictator. Do not be seduced by Satan! The G-3 and friends worship Lucifer and practice Psychological Torture with an army of undercover NAZI families/Agents worldwide murdering people for fun and profit. Unleash hell on these people so to speak . . . AND G-O-D SMILES . . . . . VIDEOTAPE THE BASTARDS… FREE SPEECH AND SELF DEFENCE… tml mintableapp lost in a sea of bad art. The Boat Captain… PS Trump will not help you. Trump is not an intellectual but merely a braindead pissant war monger puppet of the NWO.! Period, exclamation point, end of discussion. Decentralize yourself brothers and sisters, crypto up, travel, change the the world and change yourself. Be your own bank. The bank of you. No hate, all love. God Bless us all.

  9. Your response to the criticism against both you and Chappelle have meant so much to me. I recently went through a similar thing on a smaller scale. I am a comedian in NC with about 6 years of experience. I built up one of the most successful open mic comedy shows anywhere in NC to the point where touring comedians would pop in occasionally when they are in town. One thing I did during my open mics as host was come up with call back jokes on something an open mic comic said. The audience loved it and there were nights where I got bigger laughs from that than my set that I opened the show with. A local group of mostly female LGBTQ comics complained about jokes that I made onstage about other comedians even if it was a call back to a joke they said to the point where they convinced the owner of the local establishment that I was this horrible misogynistic guy who was sexually harassing women. I am out at that venue and am starting up new shows and have a lot of support from local comedians who completely have my full support. I also have audience members who have quit going to the old location and have come out to my new spot but it’s still frustrating knowing that I had as many as 75 – 85 people coming out for an open mic that I ran for almost 5 years and now I’m starting over while this Eyes Up Here group inherits that show when they have never been able to put together a show that more than 15 or 20 people show up to. Thanks, Joe, for supporting and fighting for comedians to be able to speak freely onstage when all they are doing is trying to make people laugh.

  10. makes me wonder when liberals like bernie rogan and chappell will start to realize they've been supporting and voting for the very people trying to cancel them for decades. self awareness is a rare commodity

  11. Trans women are men…some are feminized better than others-but they are still men. No one can change sex. Why is that controversial? Why are “Lia” Thomas’ feelings more important than the ENTIRE womens swim team of 30 women? Why? Why? WTF

  12. Hey joe
    I love and respect you to the death, pls pls address iran trying to cut people from internet you have the biggest platform im sure it's gonna have a impact
    Pls you can invite shahin najafi he's musician and freedom fighter that Islamic republic of iran threatening to kill
    Im sure this is gonna be a very very controversial episode,
    Bc shahin najafi is a extremely intellectual person with beautiful ideas
    Im sure you guys gonna have a great chemistry
    Plus you gonna have new huge loving fanbase , from Iranian people
    And it doesn't have to be shahin najafi you can choose any iranian legit freedom fighter joe this is getting real were about to be the next north korea that scary you can help probably more than anybody, i love to hear you roasting our evil government

  13. Good analysis, but you should just give up with being inquisitive and give the liberals what they want…your silence on anything they don’t want you to talk about. They will never be happy until you (or anyone) bow to their demands Joe.

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