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47 thoughts on “Dana White and Halle Berry Q&A at the UFC Apex

  1. Only if you are a hot celebrity bringing eyes to the sport you can say in front of Dana: "I broke my ribs but I kept filming the entire moving including the fight scenes"

  2. Made it 2 minutes before she started mispronouncing fighters names and saying that she would have been a fighter in a different life. Dana, you got suckered into some promotion here. This sucks.

  3. I was watching this like how tf she already a purple belt but then remembered she was with Ortega for a minute he prob taught her some valuable bjj knowledge

  4. 2:41 Jesus Christ, just shut up. It always cringes me out when actors try to ACT like they know what it takes to be a fighter. I remember when Shia LaBeouf compared his acting career to boxing, wtf man. If you're not Daniel-Day-Lewis (who actually lived like a "broke" fighter for a long time for a movie role) you need to just sit down. Please stop making MMA movies, they all suck.

    Ok imma stop being a Karen now..

  5. Halle Berry has gotten actual sparring/training, actual sharpshooting at least at a theatrical movie level. This is a certain level of dedication to the craft. It had to require heart to spar schevchenko and commit to learning actual firing methods, gotta show respect to that level of determination, even if it ISNT the highest level, its still damn impressive for a millionaire actress. Think about what happened to Conor McGregor after being a world champion, then think about already being rich, famous, and looked at as a idol , then wake up in silk sheets and go out and do this.

  6. Hey nerds believe it or not but things like this are great for the sport, yall are acting like a bunch of hipsters trying to protect something that the whole world's should know about. The same people call this the best sport on the planet then proceed to call people casuals.

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