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South Korea's Untouchable Families | Open Secrets

Open Tricks is a documentary collection that looks at just this – insider secrets lived out in the open, factors everybody is aware about, but no …

32 thoughts on “South Korea's Untouchable Families | Open Secrets

  1. Wasn’t it confirmed that these powerful families are essentially a cartel of matriarchies who run the country with the elected leaders as puppets? Clearly South Korea isn’t as free as we like to believe.

  2. It's scary how accurate some of these dramas are when it comes down to corruption, chaebols and someone losing their family member under a rich man's thumb
    I feel bad for the families that lost their children that way

  3. Yumi's father stating that the Samsung managers didn't even ask about her condition once is sickening. If we had sympathy for each other maybe things wouldn't be this way

  4. I am a South Korean. How Chabol is controlling the country is by two tools, one is Journalism, the other is Prosecutors.
    Most major South Korean newspapers are owned by this Chabol or Chabol-friendly companies. So their articles are very supportive, rarely criticize them. Ordinary people are likely to be brainwashed and think that Chabol is the backbone of the country, ignoring all their abnormalities and illegalities.
    Chabol is also heavily bribing Prosecutors, which definitely works. Their stock market manipulations are little penalized by using Prosecutors' corruption.
    A South Korean man who worked as a prosecutor for 26 yrs quit his job, entered into politics in June last year. He now got elected and became president in May this year. He became the most powerful man in South Korea with only 8 month time of a politician career by all supports of Chabol and their journalism.
    He and his wife had lots of allegations of corruption, stock market manipulations, etc.
    People are now coming out to the street to get him impeached or step down.
    South Korea's democracy is not done by overnight. After Korean war we had lots dictators and people did hard to overthrow them and set up a proper democratic nation. The country is now facing the issues of controlling Chabol's power and reforming the Prosecution system.
    It's never easy but we will do. It's still work- in-progress.

  5. What about music , food, night club scene , I mean there are plenty of things people can do for a living and succeed working in many types of jobs

  6. Long live 🔴 my toyota will never let me down on its fine machinery on making high quality cars. Kia and Hyun-Die are endless money pits as they age and are given to their fat cat lady college student that now has to deal with the car's problem that the parents dealt with first! So stop trying to be like the japanese cause you're not one!!! Toyota and Lexus are the kings of reliable cars!!!

  7. As much as America has its own problems, at least big companies there doesn’t openly practice nepotism. If this continues, there’s not going to be future for South Korea.

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