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UFC 272: Jorge Masvidal Post-Fight Press Conference

49 thoughts on “UFC 272: Jorge Masvidal Post-Fight Press Conference

  1. The fight went as I predicted, for the most part. I still wish Masvidal knocked his head off, but I’m realistic when it comes to fights.
    The eye poke and how that affected R1, took away time from when Masvidal is most dangerous. 
    I still think Colby would have won; but it did affect Masvidals punchers chance.
    I’m very impressed with Masvidals endurance and ability to push a guy like Colby to his limits and even hurt him late in the fight. At 37yrs he is still able to keep up with anyone and I will always tune in to watch him fight.

  2. Big fan of Masvidal, but his aggression just wasnt there. and i understand it was maybe to not cloud his judgement but he couldve came harder. I cant say im a fan of Colby's but hes been earning my respect for his cardio, resilience (hes got a chin you want to KO but cant) and heart in the heat of battle. I hope they meet again organically in the octagon.

  3. This fight was trash. all the heat and bad blood just for Colby holding onto him like he loves him. Pure stand and bang with the occasional grapple would easily go in masvidals favor. Colby knew that wrestling was his only way to win. Yes it’s a part of the fight game but come onnnn

  4. Get over that shit of being cocky even when you losing fight.Dude beat you up through the whole fight,maybe start taking these fights serious and just stop running your mouth.He ain't getting on any winning streak,he done with .

  5. Good fight. Never should've gotten poked, definitely needed more reaction from herb on that. but as an honest question does anyone think he should've made it a bigger deal at the time instead of during the press conference? I know that you don't wana seem like a bitch but I feel like post pressers don't get enough attention to make that the platform.

  6. Jorge could've wrestled in Russia or Iowa for 15 years it still would not have done no justice. Either you have the natural gift and then get better or you don't. Bo nickel, Hebrew Hercules, Jordan Burroughs Cael Sanderson could not help Jorge.

  7. Only thing that makes sense moving forward is to create match ups between Conor-Nate-Jorge. All the biggest draws in UFC, all on losing streaks. Stop throwing these guys to the wolves and let them fight each other. Dustin will destroy Nate, Any top 5 guy will beat Conor and Jorge.

  8. Crazy how so many people switch up on Jorge when he was the most loved fighter 2 years ago, when Colby got his jaw broke by Usman he literally ran out of the cage and skipped the post fight. Jorge suffers a devastating loss to his biggest enemy and makes no excuses. Can’t wait to see when they switch up on Colby after shit go downhill for him.

  9. Would actually love to see Jorge fight Shavkhat. Guy is undefeated in the Pros and Masvidal is a huge name. Would be a big notch for Shavkhat if he wins and would be a huge boost to Gamebred if he stops him.

    I think Colby gets the winner of Burns/Khamzat.

  10. Quit the bullshit Jorge you won't ever finish colby it's just a payday for you screw the fans screw ppl that watch u an absolute disgracefully performance retire now cos you ain't winning nothing else

  11. I had my ribs broke recently by somebody I can't stand and should've fucked him up. Woke up next morning with the same look Jorge has mixture of embarrassment and regret . Fucking sucks. Bad enough about twenty people saw me but hard when the world is watching. I'm healing up for payback though lol 😆

  12. Jorge should just avoid the elite wrestlers now. He's not gonna gain collegiate level skills at his age. He trained with Colby for years and didn't make a difference. There's plenty fun fights and paydays. Leon Edwards fight maybe even Mcgregor. Wonder boy rematch I'd like to see Nate rematch etc.

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