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UFC 272 Quick Hits: Backstage With Colby Covington

25 thoughts on “UFC 272 Quick Hits: Backstage With Colby Covington

  1. Where is Justin Gaethje. My opinion Colby played it safe. That’s great for winning. Boring as shit to watch. I would much rather watch a man like Justin who is a world class wrestler but knows nobody wants to watch that shit so he refuses to use it but for a minute or defense.
    Shit is just not entertaining at all. Sorry wrestlers.

  2. The difference between Colby and other fighters.

    The rest: Got punched in the face and went right to sleep.

    Colby: Got a clean hook in the chin, took a knee for half a sec (for first responders), then stood right back up with a smile.

  3. If he was just a little smoother on his delivery, a little less repetitive and not so obvious that he’s pandering he’d be as big as Conner.

  4. Who doesn't want to see Colby fight Chimaev? That's Rocky 4 right there.
    American wrestling vs Russian wrestling. Or is Colby afraid of getting
    'smeshed' by the mighty bear?

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