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Did North Korea Smuggle $100 Million of Heroin Overseas? | Investigators

This is the tale of how an alleged North Korean ship attempted to smuggle $100 million well worth of heroin onto the shores of …

22 thoughts on “Did North Korea Smuggle $100 Million of Heroin Overseas? | Investigators

  1. Why blow the boat up. People r homeless they could of done something with it sold it as scrap metal and given that money to people who r unfortunate as us.Instead they spend money on blowing it up and polluting the sea's. "WHY" They can't stop drugs unless there's no demand so make them legal and tax them so people don't die trying to take those risks ! Peace

  2. God I hope so. Heroin is highly needed here in the USA right now. All we are getting is fentanyl and a lot of people are dying because of it. They never even get the chance to turn there life's around if they wanted to they just die. It's fucked up and it's our governments fault.

  3. Maybe they did, just like CIA sold crack in 80's to their own citizens. NK is also known for exporting weapons, again, just like America but they don't have killings of school children and other mass shooting every week or so.
    I find it hard to understand why US thinks they have to be world police, sanction other countries, invade them and so on. Many Europeans are very pisse off because they started war on our territory, it is not their land like Iraq or Afghanistan aren't!

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