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Drafting sanctions that are less likely to backfire

16 thoughts on “Drafting sanctions that are less likely to backfire

  1. It is time for the national leaders from around our world to call out to the military leadership of Russia and demand that they stop the slaughter in Ukraine. Putin must be stipped. He must be told that if he wants to be known in history as the ONE MAN WHO DESTROYED MANKIND, then he can start our nuclear destruction when our world stops his assault on Ukraine. He can be stopped by the Powerful People in Russia or he can be stopped by the combined forces of the world.

  2. Will the Fake News Enemy of the People ever apologies to the American people for their propaganda on the Hunter Biden Laptop?

    I remember a time when 60 Minutes was a trusted news organization with real journalists.

    Today, they are a complete disaster, a joke, part of the fascist woke cult of lies hate and division.

    We know who the real deplorables are, don’t we.

  3. After losing the Kuwait war, Saddam Hussein started a genocide against the Kurds, Christians and Shias. When Hitler started losing, he accelerated the Holocaust. Putin will likely commit genocide against the Ukrainians. Dictators NEVER admit they are wrong.

  4. It took them all of five seconds to take a jab at Iran just because it is a sovereign nation that refuses to follow the Imperial line of the rapidly declining American Empire. China, India, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, and all the other rising powers may very well turn out to be way worse than the US, but let's not act like "American orthodoxy" is the only legitimate and fair geopolitical position.

  5. People decide whom to deal with at the end of the day, when Venezuela got sanctioned, they bought petrolium from Iran whilst they used to work with american companies before. I'm guessing trade with crypto (Monero,…) will boom, and so will the number of people focusing on trading/making money from Russians, rather than the the US or it's allies 🙁

  6. The idea is that the US gov is run by a bunch of blood thirsty war mongering sociopaths who refuse to acknowledge that it has been US foreign policy over the last 8 years in ukraine that has brought us to this point. Russia has every right to demand security garauntees from its neighbors.
    The fact that the US wants to influence foreign nations as a method of damage control for its image is what the US calls 'back firing'.

  7. Smh ….US Sanctions is basically economic warfare on other nations like Iran, Venezuela, Cuba….etc and it NEVER works or gets the objective accomplished!!!! Take Iran for an example. Now, in the case of Russia, US sanctions will DESTROY US, Europe, and Canada’s economies more then Russia….Don’t be surprised when a barrel of Oil reaches $300 to $500 if the US Government continues adding more ridiculous sanctions that are ONLY hurting you and I!!! Russia is playing chess while the US, Europe, and Canada is playing checkers smh.

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