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WNBA star Sue Bird on taking the clutch shot

18 thoughts on “WNBA star Sue Bird on taking the clutch shot

  1. As a LGBTQ person, I was embarrassed by this story. Her "coming out" would have been semi-interesting in 1970, but it is not in 2022. Perfect example of a selfish, self-absorbed sports star. With so much truly important issues around the world, why would 60 Minutes embarrass their legacy with this puff piece?

  2. This chick totally gets it. You need to not care. This goes for all sorts of things. If you don't care you can calm down a bit and concentrate more. Of course you care but you have to push that out of your head.

  3. I saw a comment below by a "Robert", but it might have been removed, that said: "I have never played competitve basketball, but bet I could beat her one on one." I have and you couldn't. And I was largely coached by a #2 overall NBA draft pick, who was also a Big Ten MVP and two time Big Ten leading scorer. People who have never played sports at a very high level have NO idea!! You don't just casually come to greatness like Sue Bird. I am not just talking about individual skills; I am talking about team skills, concepts, making your own players better. This isn't golf or wrestling where its you against the world. This is a team game which is INFINITELY more complexand she excels. And yes, I have seen a WNBA game in person and Candace Parker played in it.

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