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JWill on UNC vs. Duke in the Final Four: The BIGGEST game in college basketball history! | KJM

38 thoughts on “JWill on UNC vs. Duke in the Final Four: The BIGGEST game in college basketball history! | KJM

  1. The pie in the sky this is the next biggest thing with the biggest would have been Duke versus North Carolina in the national championship I wish they would have set up the brackets like that anyways I'm ready for some AJ silky smooth Griffin time go Duke win the 6th

  2. I love Duke and JWill but he needs to chill with this hot take. People don’t care about college basketball as they used to. Players are out in a year. Biggest game of all time. Magic vs Bird

  3. Regarding rivalries, having lived in Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area for decades, I find the Carolina-Duke rivalry to be intense but relatively polite and respectful. Maybe it is ameliorated by so many of us having connections to both schools, a lot of "cross-pollination" so to speak. Carolina-Duke does not come within miles of the smash-mouth nastiness and blind hatred of Alabama-Auburn, for example.

  4. According to one ranking of the 100 most heated sports rivalries in the world, UNC VS Duke ranks #10. The only college rivalry ranked ahead of them is Ohio St vs Michigan in football.

  5. Model of consistency? UNC has played in at least one Final Four in 9 straight decades. If they get to the national championship game, then it will be the ninth straight decade for that too. If they win the title, then it will be a title in 5 straight decades and 6 decades total. That’s the model of consistency.

  6. UNC is not a better team than Perdue. Peter’s would win again them in a rematch. They clearly where tired as a team with no tournament experience. Anyways, Duke by 25+ UNC over rated

  7. Spoken like a Blue Devil….Look J Will, the Heels are an EIGHT SEED, and like you said this ain't for a championship. Duke is not allowed to lose, Carolina has nothing to lose. Keep heaping on the hype, you're only hurting your own chances.

  8. I been rooting for NC this whole playoffs just so Duke can get that revenge game. I was hoping they would get to the final 4. Especially since we didn't see them in the ACC tournament. I want Duke to beat them by 30.

  9. I lived in the RTP area for 10 years, along with my wife working for Duke University (academic side) and got good view of this rivalry including attending home games for UNC and Duke at Cameron indoor. It's so clear how excellence can create excellence through competition when viewing this rivalry. The extra motivation, drive, and emotion to win – to be a better player, a better team, is amped up to the highest levels by each team in this rivalry through the fierce competition between their respective programs. Not only the current team, but players on former teams not to mention (perhaps the powerful and pure source) current and former students who call UNC and Duke their alma mater with a fierce pride. Its only basketball, but I have taken from this rivalry a respect for how competition and respect is as strong a source for creation and maintenance of excellence – no matter what kind – as I have ever witnessed

  10. Max says Duke has been more successful? Wrong. UNC has wide margin in wins, and even last 100 games is split 50-50. UNC has better NBA players. UNC has more titles. Go home Max.

  11. I'm not your typical UNC fan. Don't get me wrong.. I love UNC and the rivalry but it's hard not to have a incredible amount of respect for what Coach K has done for college basketball. Hoping UNC can pull it out on Sat. If not… I'll be rooting for Duke. Coach K deserves to go out on top. Hubert Davis also deserves a ton of credit for what he's done with a team that at one point… looked NIT bound.

  12. I stopped watching woke sports 3 years ago. Haven't seen any football, basketball or baseball and I'm much better for the decision. My money will not go to support the communist democrat agenda destroying the country.

  13. Duke is favored, by in my opinion this game is a pick 'em. Could go either way. The only thing I feel certain of is that the winner of this game – no disrespect to Villanova or Kansas – will be the national champion.

  14. Lol! The way Jay Will is talking about Duke like they have manifest destiny on their side in this game with UNC, it’s what used to make me really despise Duke! Basically I’m not a fan of either but I’ll be pulling for UNC! I think the Tar Heels will get them again!

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