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How could Russia try to split Ukraine? I Al Jazeera Newsfeed

26 thoughts on “How could Russia try to split Ukraine? I Al Jazeera Newsfeed

  1. Putin's psychopath has created a war and must see it through to the end. Stay with Ukraine, and do what the United States did with South Korea, Israel, Brazil. They are democratic, free and rich countries. It is up to Russia to prove that it is better than the United States. But, in an autocratic government and a bloodthirsty dictator, it is impossible for the people to get rich.

  2. I wonder which countries will take over gulf states next, now that we have a degraded international rule of law, and gulf states have eroded respect from many other countries that might have assisted the defense of their sovereignty before…

  3. If Zelinsky just agreed to stay NATO Neutral, recognize Crimea as Russian Territory and The Donbass areas as Independent countries, this would of been all avoided. Putin is not interested in taking over Ukraine. Let's stop with this Western Media disinformation.

  4. Ukraine was trying to split itself from the USSR decades ago. The US has been the main supporter of splitting Ukraine by pressuring it to join NATO, knowing it shares a border with Russia and that 1/3 of it's citizens speak Russian as their primary language. The coup actually happened, and the 2014 massacre in Odessa was the proof of that seeing as all the people burned alive had been petitioning against the federalization of Ukraine by the fake government in place. There's a reason police launched no investigation into the matter. Hello.

  5. Read von Clausewitz and Sun Tzu the military bibles of the Russian forces. Their strategy is to hold the Ukraine forces around the cities whilst they destroy the main Ukraine army in the Donbas where Ukraine had concentrated 150,000 of its best troops before this war began. Those that have survived the initial assault by Russian forces and the militias of the Donbas are now surrounded in cauldrons and there is no Russian movement because non is needed to stop them from being reinforced or receiving supplies which there are increasing few to send if they could as Russia has destroyed most of the fuel and ammunition dumps throughout Ukraine as well as the training camps for new forces and much of the equipment sent by the West. Half the Assov brigade in Mariupol has been destroyed and the rest encircled within the Assov steel plant also cut off from supplies and being gradually worn down. Ukraine has already been defeated but will not accept the fact.

  6. Russia will walk out as it is planned. Ukrainian will be the looser. You might be very excited about not being comlete tly occupied but Ukrainian have lost a great deal.

  7. Thanks for everyone who trying to say the truth! Ukraine is independent country, lot of wonderful people. Like you,I hope, they like to live in peace.
    But Now they protecting own Home. Because Monster try to get more territory. We all need to stop the war

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