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Imran Khan ousted as Pakistan's PM after losing no-confidence vote – BBC News

24 thoughts on “Imran Khan ousted as Pakistan's PM after losing no-confidence vote – BBC News

  1. ইমরান খান জনগণের ভালো মনের মানুষ ইমরান খানকে প্রধান হিসেবে দেখতে চাই প্রধানমন্ত্রী হিসেবে দেখতে চাই

  2. Imran Khan is no 1 leader in the world he will be back in sha Allah with more power we love imran khan he is ours pride we don't want thieves to run the country

  3. Imran Khan wanted Pakistan to have a "Neutral" Foreign policy which support the "Interest" of Pakistan not the Interest America or West, which in Past costed Pakistan Huge economical instability , horrible Law & Order condition and 70k Human life's .but because we have people who can sell there "Motherland" For money & Power he is Out of power with help of foreign Powers . But they have to realize you can buy few corrupt politician but not the nation who is standing behind Imran khan

  4. USA and its policy of regime changes will go too far and backfire on them.
    There is a long list of nations that have been affected and destroyed/damaged by the U.S.

    U.S. involvement in regime change

  5. its because unlike others he was not going to just do what amercia wanted him to do. US no doubt are behind this. they want to get rid of him and want to put a lap dog in power instead wo will do what ever they want. imran kha was the best leader Pakistan ever had

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