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Shanghai lockdown: What could China’s zero Covid policy mean for the world economy? – BBC Newsnight

33 thoughts on “Shanghai lockdown: What could China’s zero Covid policy mean for the world economy? – BBC Newsnight

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  2. As a Shanghai citizen, I believe the vast majority of the 200 million people under lockdown are fully willing to contribute their share of self-discipline to stay at home. I also believe people has reached a consensus to accept our way of fighting Covid-19, it's a Chinese way.

  3. No sympathy for any non-chinese motherfukers lock the down over there you went there are you stupid motherfukers we don't need your dumb fuck we got enough Democrats back here

  4. “ You kinda do as your told” hilarious 😂 a Certified Snowflake……..and why are you there? People never think America is the best Country in the world until they leave. Good luck buddy.

  5. After family members dying of their Manmade virus and continued investigation coverups by their government I hope they all die. They started this shit killing Millions across the globe.

  6. Feels like the lockdown in Wuhan when the original nCoV-19 broke out, but it is 2 years ago. Now fast forward to present day, and now we got that same type of lockdown, but in a different city

  7. Wow it seems that everyone here agrees with this stupid post right? Hmm. Give it a second thought considering inadequate medical reaources and the elderly with fundamental disorders in China. Its just a political bias towards China.

  8. This lockdown has given people huge anxiety and depression, some poor and elder people are hungry, send help! Chinese medias have been deleted people’s comments that against their stances, some deliver guys and nurses live under bridge and no place to stay for over a month now, can someone help them please!

  9. Did the Chinese governnent use thd Uighurs as a playground for the rest of their people? Just saying. If you support a non democratic system you will ve its victim one day.

  10. They are locking their people up in virtual prisons and starving them. What China us doing is just as horrible as what the Germans did during WW2. Why is the world ignoring this?

  11. Missed the part where every country is now just being forced to play pretend at this point, same as in the beginning with banning facts and science, firing frontline heroes, and falsifying all pre existing illness.

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  13. Very interesting news, you should have mentioned too that most of the world has borrowered money from this country. If they implement something as draconian as this, wouldn't that mean they have thought of an ALTERNATIVE way to keep money rolling in to the economy?
    I have a feeling they will be debt collecting very soon and if a country cannot pay up their debts, then the country gets taken as ransom and becomes part of the mainland. —#myopinion#notwantingadebatewithaKaren

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