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Experimenting with White Privilege On Stage

Alzo Slade and MacArthur Genius-profitable poet and playwright Claudia Rankine discover the wages of whiteness in her hottest …

20 thoughts on “Experimenting with White Privilege On Stage

  1. I can’t wait to be front and Center and see what happens when these people have to stand before GOD ! And remember GOD IS SPIRIT SO THEY WONT BE IN WHITE SKIN!

  2. If you assert all white individuals possess 'Privilege' irrespective of their actual lived experiences and irrespective of whether they have personally ever received unearned advantage as a result of being white. Then you're probably a racist.

  3. Millions of white people are in dire need, struggling in every way imaginable. So please stop saying that being white is a damn privilege. It’s not….you CAN NOT generalize privilege for your narrative with the word white just because of it’s history. This is such an insult and I can’t wait for someone to document the reality of these statements of yours, showing the truth about how most people in general, only share one privilege….and that’s being lucky enough to be born in a free country. A country that anyone, of any race, can work hard and succeed. Just as you have (the ones in this video).

  4. What would democrats talk about without the 24/7 365 race war they fight for…What would democrats talk about if the world was fair? The world can never be fair for democrats, what would they talk about???

  5. I think black people are afraid if they don't have the victim complex, they won't have a people. The reality is they haven't built theirs yet. They'll never get better until they stop blaming whitey. And they'll only make enemies as long as they do. Eventually even the most self loathing Leftist white guy will have enough.

  6. Seems our goverment wants to commit genocide on an entire race of people, White people. No whites included. The new upcoming races are African American and Mexican or Hispanic. Whites are being eliminated. Nothing like slapping God in the face on his creations is there. And Ironically when the KKK was in America people had an issue with it.. AND let me remind everyone, it was white people who put an end to it. Is that white privileged or white supremacists. But there's no issue with black lives matter or antifa when you focus on one color, condemning another color, no one wins.

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