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Joe Rogan and Jake Shields talk Nick Diaz return…

35 thoughts on “Joe Rogan and Jake Shields talk Nick Diaz return…

  1. It is a shame that Khamzat Chimaev and Jiri Prochazka are not in thé same Weightclass. Because that would be thé most crazy fight ever!! Ik really think that Jiri Prochazka is pond for pond thé most dangerous Guy in thé ufc! Look at thé clip of him at (MMA WATCH )spotlight Jiri Prochazka

  2. Only the Bad Guy can make his return when and where he chooses and do it in his sleep, rack up 5 victories in one night and wake up the next morning like nothing happened. No camp, no corner, no prisoners.

  3. That fight just proved that Nick can stand and bang with ANYONE with the body he has year round. At Anytime he can step into the octagon and keep up with the best, he’s always been a skilled operator.

  4. I’m gonna get some hate for this one, I wanna preface this ahead of time…Uncle Chael is one of the best MMA minds/ amazing talker in the business. But
    Chael shouldn’t be aloud to talk about Rogan. Chael cried when Joe “gave up business secrets” about Colby putting on his crazy an act to the public. Yet Chael does shit like that all the time. Half the stuff he says is complete nonsense.

  5. Why aren't you mentioning the dude who went on air talking about the "incident" in Nicks camp that made him surprised that Nick showed up to fight at all? How'd that get buried after the fight? I was surprised that Nick came in fat. I also thought that Nick was having the exact fight we expect Nick to win right up until the moment he sat down. It was bizarre that he sat down and quit and the only justification for that result would seem to be whatever "incident" occurred in camp, yet that has been buried. I don't understand.

  6. There was no ambiguity. Rogan literally asked Jake about Nick’s last training camp and Jake said it wasn’t a full camp because the UFC didn’t give them enough time before the scheduled fight

  7. It's simple. Just like what UFC is doing with Nate now, they did with Nick in that 2nd fight with Lawler. They didn't want to give Nick a fight. So, Nick starts to get get depressed. Stops the self discipline he was on in his 14 week diet, continues to practice, but not train hard. They call Nick 6 weeks before a fight that he's already lost interest in. I for a fact know from experience, that if you stop going to the gym for 3 weeks, you loose 75% of what you had before. It takes so long to get back into shape. 6 weeks wasn't enough for Nick to get ready at age 37.

  8. Did we watch the same fight? Nick Diaz gave up and sat down at the very end. For an avid marathon runner, he gassed out badly.

    Not taking away his legacy plus his long fight ban…..his ring rust, stamina and lack of motivation were evident.

    And to see people defending him for the lack of a proper fight camp…. he could have asked to be rebook to a later date and just suck it in coz ain't Nick a warrior?

  9. Love Uncle Chael but there's like 5 false statements… for example nick was off for more than 5 years you even stated it properly in a previous video. Still undefeated and undisputed. You say it's 5 years it's five years, brother lol! 🇺🇲👊🤙

  10. Nick Diaz one of the greatest of all-time don't you make comments over his return shut your mouth 👄 you don't even fights with the fighters you calls out like the spider time you calls him out but you didn't sign the contract so you're nothing but just a employ of khabib 😂

  11. Can we please leave Nick alone. His last fight, Robbie went 100% for 10 seconds and realised Nick was compromised and the rest of the fight was at 0.75 speed. Nick should not be fighting.

  12. Conor Should Fight Nick @ 170LBS. Great "Tune Up" Fight For Both.
    Amazing Marketing Possibilities.
    Entertaining Fight "Build Up".
    Title Fight For The Winner.
    Make Sense Lord, Uncle Chael?

  13. Nick looked like drunk zombie in the last with condition of 60yeas old cigar smoker, if he comes back for 1 fight, i think he's closer to death than win against anybody in ufc

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