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Could the Constitution Bar Trump from Running Again?

No users of Congress have faced any serious legal repercussions for their alleged involvement in the insurrection. Now …

20 thoughts on “Could the Constitution Bar Trump from Running Again?

  1. US doesn't mind putting criminals into power so why not Trump? Look at Pakistan with half Sharif Cabinet on bail…
    Trump is being framed as far as I can tell, but I don't follow his every tweet like a twit… If anyone was inciting to fight or attack buildings it was the Democrats.. likely encouraging Neo Nazi like they are doing in Ukraine…

  2. Trump is really a brilliant guy. He knows how to work the U.S. legal system. He has gotten away with so many @$#!!, the average Joe-blow would be locked up for decades. πŸ˜†

  3. There needs to be a full investigation into Trump being elected. The investigation would not have been successful during his presidency. At this time there needs to be effort. Then we can drain the swamp. Specifically referring to narcissists, the extreme focus on Hillary Clinton and voter fraud proves that the accuser is the guilty party.

  4. The people who went in planned it (some one Parler) before the event so it’s not like Trumps final speech or this guys speech made them do that.

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