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Should Conor McGregor take a tune-up fight in his UFC return? | DC & RC

37 thoughts on “Should Conor McGregor take a tune-up fight in his UFC return? | DC & RC

  1. At least throw up a couple of names, because I can’t think of any at 170 that could be considered a tune up for Conor.

  2. Conor is done and he knew it after his 1st loss to Dustin. He’s trying to relive his glory days and is on an early losing skid. Even if he loses again he’ll still be chasing the belt. We’ve seen this with Weidman, Rockhold, and Garbrandt.

  3. Assuming Conor only has 1-2 fights left and wants to cash out, the "best" money fight at 170 for Conor is Jorge. Most money and fresh opponent that isn't going to wrestle and both off a loss, great press buildup, and probably more money than Usman because nobody thinks Conor is going to win that. Jorge is a legit contender at the top level at 170, certainly more than Nate.

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  5. He doesn’t deserve a title shot.
    Trilogy with Diaz before they get too old.
    Always the RDA beef there.
    El Cucuy, he’s been ducking El Cucuy forever & El Cucuy been calling mc nuggets.

  6. If he must fight a tuneup fight then make it Masvidal. If he can't beat Masvidal then he surely can't beat the champ but at least we have entertainment.

  7. He desperately needs a win, so putting him in there against a guy where he's a big favorite makes sense. But, it's also a risk in and of itself because if he loses the "tune-up" that will only send his career down a greater spiral. Definitely don't put him in there against a sitting champ in his return, though.

  8. Who is he going to fight as a tune up at welterweight who has a ‘name’..?? The division is stacked. They’d all destroy him. Stick him in there with Khamzat, that would be hilarious 😆

  9. McGregor needs one or two more losses before the UFC sees him worthy of another title match 🙂 Conor MMA 4 last fights 3 losses, with the Boxing match it's 4 losses in 5 fights
    Usman is currently way above McGregor's skill, stamina and strength level.
    Usman vs Chimaev would be a way better fight now.
    McGregor vs Jorge Masvidal for the Way Too Overhyped Money Goose Belt title fight would be an interesting fight to see.

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