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Bobby Marks' offseason guide: The Minnesota Timberwolves | NBA on ESPN

45 thoughts on “Bobby Marks' offseason guide: The Minnesota Timberwolves | NBA on ESPN

  1. Remember in the 2021 finals when Jrue Holiday didn’t pass it to Gianni’s off the right wing. But found him in a better spot fora dunk on the same possession. Yeah Min needs that type of roster

  2. Fake tough guys, faking the funk, too into themselves. Celebrating and mimicking taunts that they saw real stars with rings do on TV every time they have a lead… then choking those leads up because they’re pretenders.

  3. They need to tell Edwards to be the closer, they could off won this series. Beverly got foul it and game 5, and he miss a big 3 down the stretch. Beverly should not be their closer, it should be Edward. They need a veteran that has won a championship, like a green. I would trade Russell. The back up point Guard plays better with Town. This team has a good core. I am curious to see what they do

  4. 1. Kat and D’Lo need to learn how to play team ball, and let Ant do the ISO’s when necessary.
    2. Need to be coached better end of the game.
    3. Learn what a rebound is. I think TP needs to tell everyone what it is again…
    4. Vanderbilt needs to put on about 15lbs of muscle.

  5. I wasn’t impressed by Minnesota this series. Their play was good but their attitude was poor. I’m a confident borderline cocky guy in life but their cockiness took the cake. Every play they made they would do the “too small” or “call me” or what ever other idea they came up with. Which led to them losing three 10+ fourth quarter leads. Most in nba history.

    I don’t expect a jump from them next year, ceiling is another first round exit if they even make the play offs. There’s clippers, pelicans, and probably even lakers who will do better next year and should make play offs.

    Only hope they have is if Ant takes this loss to heart and makes a big step in play and maturity next year. He has all the tools but he was inconsistent this series. It’s possible, with how his reaction was at the end of game 6. Most were giving all their good byes while he just was shown walking away in the tunnel, he said bye to couple guys but looked like he just wanted out of the arena.

    Second round though, that should be some good series. If memphis plays like this vs golden state they’ll lose in 4-5.

  6. Patrick Beverly taking clutch shots lmao no killer instinct Anthony Edward's is the team future Kat has to deliver has too deliver start with Beverly not taking clutch shot they need more catch and shooters with Kat and Edwards

  7. They need to get SMARTER & go get more playoff tested VETERANS. The blowing leads, God awful iq, and CLUELESS shot chucking cost them. They’re gonna be a FORCE in the nba if they can address THAT over time

  8. It’s time for Minny to give the keys to ANT. Now, with that being said I would keep Towns because frankly what other choice would you have. I’m not sold on Finch as their long term coach because my god was it frustrating watching this team play competent basketball. I expected more from someone who was under Nick Nurse. I like Beasley as a 6th man I think arguably he’s a top 5 sixth man up there with Herro, Poole, Clarkson etc..Although, he did have a down year I expect him to bounce back hopefully with a quieter offseason as well. I’m out on DLo either trade him or let him walk.

  9. I would trade DLo. he is more of a scorer than a playmaker/descisionmaker and the wolves have enough scoring from KAT and Ant but they miss a more traditional point guard to run the offense pass the ball, make the right descisions and play some defense. A trade with Brogdon would be intriguing and I thhink both sides could potentially get better cause the Pacers dont have a scoring guard. They have Haliburton to run the point and Hield who is a shooter and plays of the ball so adding Russell instead of Brogdon would give another dimension to their offense

  10. That’s crazy how everyone wants dlo out, after having a bad series. when he runs that offense. The team flows better when he’s out there. Twolves have a losing record when he doesn’t play. The disrespect and disloyalty is wild

  11. They need a floor general and outside shooting. Russell isn't a general. They should really consider bringing back rubio. See if the Jazz would trade Russell for Rudy Gilbert. Put Towns at the 4.

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