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Brazil’s Lula launching presidential bid to unseat Bolsonaro

31 thoughts on “Brazil’s Lula launching presidential bid to unseat Bolsonaro

  1. It's time to clear up who's gonna be the next president, it will be the one who cooperates with NATO, European Union and the USA. The candidate must act according to the new playbook rules, sanction Russia and/or be an European proxy, delivery boy for oil, gas, refined et al
    The winning candidate is forbidden to meddle with middle eastern affairs, curb China efforts to get more markets in Brazil. Also important for the winner candidate, making promises to mitigate the outrageously rampant soaring poor population with populist speeches and demagogy.

  2. yep,,, choosing the one we dislike less —- We shockingly know what this is like in the USA ; i had to vote for H.Clinton, because i certainly wasn't going to vote for white nationalist-tinged fascist trash like Trumpf . ———- The most popular politician here, Bernie Sanders, never had a chance against big-corp media and other political interference. I hope Brazil works this out, becoming another symbol of tearing down Authoritarian agendas ** ✊❤‍🩹

  3. One of the biggest crooks to ever be president in the world.
    Lula stole billions, those supporting him really want Brazil to succumb

  4. This Son of a who*e nearly destroyed Brazil to a point of no return while hoarding money for himself and his family, lied about paying off our national debt while sinking the country even more into it. If Brazilians are that stupid to put this filthy nordestino back in power they deserve the misery that is coming for them.

  5. I love Brazil and hope good leader, i am From Somalia-🇸🇴 East Africa Country.
    Please don't be like us, our country ruined Corruption and misleading.🙏

  6. Recently, the process that condemned Lula was considered by the UN as partial and unfair.

    Bolsonaro has resumed the old corrupt policy and must pay for his criminal conduct in the pandemic.


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