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How are MMA Fighters beating USADA?

47 thoughts on “How are MMA Fighters beating USADA?

  1. According to these comments "eye test" just means anyone that has a good body. Genetics are a thing. It's not very hard for some people to put on muscle and other dudes on illegal stuff that don't look ripped or big at all

  2. Chandler is either taking some supplements he doesn't know are tainted and is genuinely a nice hard working super athlete. Chael is asking him, does he know or is he unaware of what he is doing, or maybe he legitimately doesn't know, or if he knows, how does he sleep well at night. It's a direct question to Chandler. I bet Chandler doesn't address this. Usman goes to Sanford as well and his dad is a pharmacist.

  3. Can we get a Part III on this video? Most interesting insider talk I've seen in the MMA space for quite some time. I've suspected something fishy with fighters lately, not just the jacked ones. Certain lean champions look suddenly enhanced to me.

  4. Okay now I think I finally understand. The guys who were tracking me only knew information about me. They did not have any information on anybody else so all of there conclusions of my actions were based off of what they saw me doing and how I reacted to situations that they forcibly placed on me.

    Now it all makes sense to me and they couldn't allow me to work things out with other people because they were bounded by law to keep their observations confidential so no one investigator had enough information to allow us to work things out. I am pretty sure that that is what you are trying to tell me.

    However I do feel that if you go up the chain of command high enough there just might be someone who does have all the answers. Thats just my opinion.

  5. Something similar actually happened at my college. One of the power lifters pissed off one of the other guys. The guy worked at a smoothie store and would add some stuff to the guys daily smoothie, hoping it would get him popped and ruin his career and scholarship. Backfired because the power lifter never popped and ended up winning the national championship. No one ever found out about it, but had some friends at the smoothie store that told me about it after it happened.

  6. The 'stuff' I got are clothes, computers, current and old cell phones, backpacks, and regular shit like that. I welcome ANYONE to come search my place ANYTIME whether I am there or not and whether I am aware or not. You will never find any illegal "stuff" in my house or in my room. And again I will lol.

  7. While it took me a minute to figure out. I do believe that my "rivals" have secretly made me ingest different types of medications to manipulate my emotions and bodily functions in order to see how I respond to their pressure tactics while my body was slightly impaired.

    And by impaired I don't just mean alcohol or recreational drugs. I mean impaired as in my body isn't functionally balanced completely.

  8. While I was in high school I wasn't taking any PED's that I was aware of. I was fucking clean. This I swear but then again I don't know all the tactics that gov't uses or when or for how long they use them for.

  9. Usman for sure, he cycles… There's videos of him with nasty back acne, and another video it's gone…face acne and bumps all over his shoulders…and Johnny…his fight before last he had bumps all over his back and cheeks

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