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After Which Failed Pregnancy Should I Have Been Imprisoned? Rep. Lucy McBath on Reproductive Rights

31 thoughts on “After Which Failed Pregnancy Should I Have Been Imprisoned? Rep. Lucy McBath on Reproductive Rights

  1. Powerful stuff. Everyone should hear her story and reflect on where this anti choice insanity is going. I salute you for sharing this most private matter. Maybe it will make a difference!

  2. I felt that!! It is so hurtful and disappointing that folks are bent on inflicting their view on others but then say their freedoms are being taken!! The right to privacy is important and if you don't get that let me explain. Imagine being told that you can not watch porn or certain types of shows, no more viagra (btw some states are talking about banning contraceptives), no marriage equity, no interracial marriage, being told that basically other people have the right to determine what they is morally right! It's very sad! My question is why can't congress be sued or any branch for that matter for hindering my right to a pursuit of happiness or the free will that God himself ordered? I know that answer cause freedom from privacy may or not cover it!! Sad!

  3. Heartbreaking story! My heartbreaks for her and every woman or young girl in this country! SHE COULD NOT HAVE SAID IT BETTER! ❤

  4. The piece by Rep. McBath was a powerful statement and question simultaneously. The message was poignant and raises some important issues some of which only someone who has been down that road can truly understand. The issue of sovereignty over one's body is not really something that should be legislated. Going leave it at that for now, but this is a "BURN THE TOWN DOWN" issue with so many important sub-layers that most will NOT be willing to discuss openly.

  5. All 5 of the supreme court justices that voted for overturning roe v wade lied during their confirmation hearings and should be impeached and removed.

  6. As far as those old men, and some young men, the women in their lives are not to be loved and cherished, but merely something they "own "
    They think we shouldn't have the medical care we need after a miscarriage.
    This will risk the lives of thousands of women in this country.
    I think the sex enhancing drugs,such as viagra and cialas should be illegal, and when men begin to have prostrate problems they should be denied medical care.
    This is the same thing THEY have decided for women.
    I don't believe men, any men should have the right to tell a woman what to do with her body, unless the man or men are willing to be told by women what they can or cannot do with their bodies.

  7. This is powerful the pain
    Abortion pro choice is a woman’s choice.
    Our health Sexual health , reproductive health is up to us as women. A fetus is a fetus , it’s cells that cannot live outside the womb.
    If the cells could live outside the womb than when the doctor takes them out put it in an incubator. & see if it forms a living live human . It won’t why because it needs the nutrients of the woman to feed it. It is not anyones choice but the woman’s

  8. What?!?!? This is nothing like an abortion. I feel bad for her, but she’s lying. That’s not what the law states at all. She needs to be accurate, instead on trying to pull on heartstrings.

  9. In a society that too often see women only in terms of sex and motherhood, women who lose children are only rarely given the emotional, medical, and social support they need and deserve. The crime to me is our treatment of vulnerable pregnant women.

  10. People always feel they have to romanticize pregnancy to counter the anti abortion fanatics. My god. My sister was not ready for a baby at 17 and after her abortion she was elated. Life begins at the first breath. Imagine how many babies are "murdered" every time a boy or man masturbates. All that spilled seed. I feel for this woman but am angry that this is the only narrative that seems to counter the anti abortion morons.

  11. The international community must wake up and realize that the American/Israeli/Saudi Apartheid regime are responsible for gunning down an untold number of Indigenous Palestinian people with relative impunity. Afterwards, the so-called officials announce their plans to launch official investigations (cover story) that go nowhere for a reason, especially when the intelligence community is involved. They have used their so-called investigations to cover up excessive and/or unnecessary use of force when dealing with the Palestinian population.

  12. My god, so much anguish and then to have a live child, finally, only for him to be murdered at 17yo. She is one strong woman.
    I’d like to have seen the reactions of those who are determined to overturn RvW to this speech. Or were they just looking at their phones and ignoring her. The same way they ignore all women.

  13. I was 17 when roe v wade passed. i know what it was like before and then after – we don't want to go back. when will women be equal to men and have body autonomy? I never thot /imagined 50 years later. women would still not be equal.

  14. I had three miscarriages before I successfully brought to full-term, my one and only child. Had I’ve been jailed before I could accomplish such a feat, he wouldn’t exist! None of these men trying to legislate this could ever come close to that kind of selflessness. As for the women advocating for this nonsense,..they have given away the free well that God has given them and handed it over to a false God

  15. Lucy Mcbath has been a hero to me since I saw her in the movie Armor of Light, about her son's death from gun violence and how out of her pain she became an activist and ran for office in GA. I didn't know about her miscarriages and so appreciate her courage in speaking out. What a role model in resiliency and having a growth mindset. I feel inspired but also so heavy hearted that we live in a world where she and so many good people have had to experience so much unnecessary anguish, and in 2022 she even has to explain such things to a Congress that seems mentally impaired as though from a different century.

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