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Restaurants and supermarkets face fines for food waste in Spain – BBC News

24 thoughts on “Restaurants and supermarkets face fines for food waste in Spain – BBC News

  1. This seems like a really brilliant decision and frankly should’ve been done decades ago. All of these solutions seem so plainly obvious yet for some reason they weren’t being done. It’s time for people to stop being so stingy and just do what is right.

  2. VERY SMART! after-all, it is the EU that negotiates balance of trade agreements with third world nations (not the supermarkets wasting the same food), tethering the same third world countries to cheap EU food imports to make-up the trade shortfalls, and condemning small scale farmers in those countries to poverty…..

  3. Makes a big change from Butter mountains. Will they stop the festival were Tomatoes are just thrown at each other in a boast we created a glut now we will waste it. All in all a good move

  4. I think doggy bags are really common in Europe, or attest in the European countries I lived in, if you don't finish it, you just take it home. But yeah I think its a great idea what Spain is doing, we waste to much.

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  6. Spain has always had a problem when it comes food waste. Food waste is not incentivized in France but forbidden by laws for supermarkets and such, contrary to what the news said.

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