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Texas school shooting victim’s parents make emotional plea to US lawmakers – BBC News

46 thoughts on “Texas school shooting victim’s parents make emotional plea to US lawmakers – BBC News

  1. Nancy pelosis husband has been making millions from “inside trade deals”, with the help of “ inside information” from his wife. Corrupt or what.

  2. I can't see how raising the gun-buying age from 18 to 21 will make much difference. A 21-year-old nutjob with a semi-automatic on a kill spree is a 21-year-old nutjob with a semi-automatic on a kill spree…

  3. Yes, please. Please take away the Constitutional rights of hundreds of millions because 1 person was a piece of garbage. Also because we in America are becoming Commies afraid of training each other how to use and respect tools properly.
    Generally, the areas with the highest gun crimes and death have the strictest gun control laws, have the highest rates of broken families, have the least educated, and least respectful people.
    Instead of increasing money for education, mental health, and family counselling, let's try to infringe on Constitutional rights.
    Instead of teaching proper use and respect of a tool, let's try to take it away from everyone.
    I'm sorry this happened, but if you want to go to an imaginary land where you think no weapons equals no one kills each other and the government won't crush you like a disarmed servant…., go to the UK or Australia. You'll soon find out that they lie about their homicide rates to make it look like de-arming their subjects works.
    Since, I'm a US citizen though, I won't be doing that. In the end this will eventually come to a head. The US Supreme Court will inevitably once again tell these commies to eff off, and that their bs laws and ordinances are superceded by the Constitution. Those laws hold no power.
    It wouldn't be the first time, and it won't be the last.
    You have to get 3/4th of the States to approve amending the Constitution to actually change this lawfully. The commies can't get that, and will not likely anytime soon.
    See, they lie about public opinion. The majority don't want our rights taken away. It's too small an amount that are just loud about it.

  4. My deeply condolences to all the families who lost the kids. Regulate the gun holders? yes but by communities, not by government. Government has too much power is way more dangerous than anything else. The most Civilians Death cause is politics. If Putin’s power is limited there would’ve been no war between Ukraine and Russia there would’ve been no thousands of death there! Bearing arms is the right given by God, no one can take it away from the people.

  5. God given rights!? He’s a duc**anyways! Never have liked him whatsoever! It’s not his kids who were killed. He’s just a mouth piece for the republicans who have stock and his interests groups. Nothing more.

  6. Do we need to ban cars since there always car accidents caused by incidents or nut-jobs to drive into the crowds? Don’t take the guns as the goat! Fix the real problem!

  7. Please we need to ban guns immediately because making things against the law has worked so well for us, where the will of the people remained & the desire of attaining it such as prohibition of alcohol, the War on Drugs, and prostitution have been so successful.

    We need to ban All American Guns right now, this way we can all go and get our guns without background checks from Mexican drug cartels. Nature hates a vacuum and wherever there is a vacuum violence will fill the void. Ban all law abiding citizens from owning semi-automatic rifles and pistols and they will get fully automatic rifles from the Mexicans. Keep that southern border open boys we need a steady supply of armament.

    Like fentanyl China will be hooking the Mexicans up like there will be no tomorrow. I'm all for gun bans. 👍🏻

  8. Seriously after hearing that speech from the GOP house minority leader, I would rather support communist CCP and Putin. It's genuinely scary the a cult has the power in the united states.

  9. USA is not protected by guns but by God! Perhaps the USA Constitution should change to be in-line with "IN GOD WE TRUST". Of course your courage, faith and trust in God will be tested then.☺💖💕❤

  10. America must take action on gun control because in China and Britain there are almost no gun shootings but in America people are just brainwashed thinking that guns are the most important things

  11. You say that now but what do you do if someone puts a gun to your child's head and the gun men saids: This is my right to kill your child. Because you don't want a gun lience or only those in the milarity or police force to hold a gun. Better hire bodyguards for children in school if you don't want them dead.

  12. If you ban guns, criminals and police will still have them. In other words, shooter will be free to kill as the cops won't protect. Also, we would end up with totalitarian regime in full power. Look at Australia during plandemic.

  13. Nothing in the Constitution permits nor approves semi automatic rifles.

    Nothing n common sense or laws governing American citizens should not permit guns to be sold to anyone under 18, nor semi automatic rifles to be sold without stringent regulations.

  14. Trying to take legal gun owners guns but most mass shooting and killings committed by illegal guns not after them . Chicago has the toughest gun laws and on memorial weekend 49 people shot 9 killed . Don’t give up your rights

  15. Send your kids to government school and your kids are not protected from anything, not just unprotected from deranged murderers, but from those circumstances that create and foster mental instability in the first place. A gun free zone is an especially vulnerable target and therefore needs additional protection. Banks are targets for bank thieves, gun free zones are targets for gun wielding lunatics who want to commit mass killings. The government has failed yet again but will attach the 2nd Amendment to cover up their own incompetence. And the government schools that have so poorly educated the population that the population simply cannot fathom why the 2nd Amendment is more important than any mass killing. Something the British population have yet to realize, as they remain completely cowed by the BBC propaganda as their government squeezes them more with each passing year.

  16. Gun control is much needed. Republicans stop using the 2nd amendment to avoid banning assault rifles and magazines. This has nothing to do with us now. In the past 100 years we have not had anyone come to the US for ground assaults. Keep the hunting weapons. Ban the people killing guns and ammo.

  17. Châu chấu, những dòng sông nước chảy như máu, bệnh dịch, hạn han, lủ lụt, các điềm lạ, động đất.. là báo hiệu tận thế
    Phản Kito là ĐGH
    Sắp tận thế lúc 15 giờ x

  18. Yeah f your god and your god given right. These religious maniacs should NEVER have a say when it comes to anything. Period

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