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Cowboy is one of a kind πŸ’¨

30 thoughts on “Cowboy is one of a kind πŸ’¨

  1. Did you people realized that when ufc was sold they change it from a sport to entertainment like wwe so its legal to rigg fights ! Since then they promote online bets haha i wonder why you see people losing like nunes to not even a choke then they have a reason to make the ultimate fighter ! These company fighters get paid to lose while you people bet on them haha win win for them

  2. Joe's knee locked him up from him bending over to put on socks, these guys are just getting too old to compete, not everybody can do what Glover is doing at 42. Sometimes you just have to know when to hang it up, and when you getting hurt putting on your socks…. it's time.

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