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Conor McGregor vs. Does it Matter?

20 thoughts on “Conor McGregor vs. Does it Matter?

  1. Conor coming back from injury Ferguson coming of horrendous knockout. It makes a bit of sense. I wish Connor had fought frankie Edgar way back Would of been a great fight

  2. From an ortho professional, that leg is at high h risk of shattering very badly if it meets a hard object like an elbow or a tibia. The metal components are at high risk of losening, too. And metal next to bone is always at a high risk of infection coming from any part of the body especially with slight loosening. The surgeon either is incompetent or Connor is not listening. It's a terrible idea to go back to MMA. Even boxing puts tremendous stress on the repair.

  3. I normally like Chael, but on the Jon Jones situation I have to say he already beat you Chael! Why talk ish about the 🐐!? Regardless of what the man does outside the octagon, inside, he's a beast with incredible skills and has truly never been defeated 💯

  4. Chael keeps gaslighting us with the "Everyone but me wants to see him fight Dustin a 4th time" lol.

    In the last 11 months I've seen probably 11 polls asking which opponent we want to see Conor fight next. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that all 11 had the 4th fight in dead last.

  5. I actually believe that when Conor retires, he'll be a great ambassador for the sport. When he's not in "fight mode" he's pretty eloquent and thoughtful. That's a Conor I much prefer. Once he's not showing how tough and rich he is, he'll be that guy.

  6. Hey! Look. It's about time some of these boxers like Floyd Mayweather get in the ring under UFC rules and find out who really would win. Don't go back into the ring and box. Get the boxers into the ring and fight.

  7. He’s gun sell out whateva venue and pay per view numbers whoever he fights the lay off has made him even more popular I wan see him v Colby or usman myself but I wan him to smash someone before he goes to champ level jus to build the narrative but if Olivera is the challenge then I can see a Conor taking it for the win because olivera won’t b able to take too many of them shots b better for him to fight at 170 then go bk to 155 because losing at 170 dosent hurt the legacy the same as it does if he comes bk n loses at 155 facts bro

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