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Should we give Sean Strickland a pass?

47 thoughts on “Should we give Sean Strickland a pass?

  1. Os brasileiros sabem o quanto Poatan é bom já pelo menos uns 4 anos atrás. Antes de entrar para o UFC os brasileiros sabiam que Potan seria o único capaz de derrota Adesanya. Os brasileiros sabem que Potan ganha o cinturão do Adesanya e do Jiri. Mas os gringos insistem em não acreditar em Poatan achando que Sean iria ganhar dele. Sean é uma criança engatinhando perto de Poatan. Poatan é um monstro das artes marciais que vai engolir todos os lutadores.

  2. Yeah I don’t think he gets a pass, a pass would mean we move him closer to a title shot, and after that performance, fighting Izzy would be the same outcome..

  3. He aint getting no pass becuase even tho he roasted izzy izzy told him a man watch this dude he might fuck you up and that was the result. The fans laughing at sean making jokes guess he forgot u have a fight comming up next time pay attention like izzy told him.

  4. Give him a pass? Why because you love him so much? All you did was talk about his defense and about how many ways he could win and he got knocked out he gets no pass and his ranking should drop dramatically

  5. Actually uncle Chae,l I like Sean's attidude and style. The thing that made me dislike him, is that he put people bussiness out there in sparring

  6. Let's see, Sean tried standing with the guy who slept Izzy. +50pts for Griffendor for bravery and balls. +1000pts for Press Conference entertainment value. -10pts for never shooting the fkn takedown yea he gets a pass, get him in there with another contender. I also gave him a pass for turning his back to Andy Varela (ha that was funny) at SUG

  7. Think about this:
    1. Usman fakes the takedown, then KO's Masvidal and EVERYONE congratulates him on his extraordinary KO.

    2. Strickland ignores a good fight plan to fight the style that suits Alex(Champion kickboxer & known for KO'n the current champ) best with NO head movement and gets KO'd in the 1st round.

    But we should give him A PASS??? Rockhold is spot on with the stupid Sean comment. Masvidal getting KO'd by Usman was on every highlight so to worry about what the fans want makes you wonder "what fan is Sean thinking about?" 🤷🏾‍♂️

  8. Give him a pass…I mean everyone keeps giving Masvidol a pass,and he is an overrated fighter if there ever was one..but Strickland is a contender and Izzy is scared!. Just watch.

  9. Absolutely no pass. You don’t get an attaboy for getting knocked out in the first round. Chael, where was Aldo’s pass? You immediately jumped on the Connor wagon after that fight! Is Strickland somehow more important and talented than Aldo that he all the sudden deserves his praise?? It’s not like it was quick either. It was several minutes into the round. Strickland had many a chance to make it an MMA FIGHT!!! His ego and lack of awareness, “I’d change nothing” just proves why he shouldn’t get a pass for this loss. Sometimes Chael just says shit that’s absolutely positively WRONG!

  10. No. He DOESNT deserve a pass. He got set up and ko'd. The end mate.

    He didn't even Try to make it a striking bout. He froze under pressure. The end

  11. I wanted him to wrestle in order to test Alex’s ground game and at the very least, give Sean a fighting chance. He didn’t wrestle. Sean doesn’t get a pass.

  12. Chael your trolling and constant devil's advocate shtick is entertaining and worth a good chuckle I'll give you that. But I've never been a fan of the whole "he probably could have won if he didn't lose" angle. I know you're not saying that outright, but suggesting strickland maybe could have turned it around but we won't know because Alex finished him early is like devaluing the legitimacy of Alex's victory. Pereira fought and won exactly the way he should have in order to win. He fought the perfect fight. sean made mistakes, Alex capitalized. Dude needs to get back in line. He doesn't deserve special treatment or prioritization of any kind. Unless you mean pass like "not be ridiculed". This is the age of the internet and social media. People have been dragged for miles for far far less. strickland can take it. If he can dish it out, he better damn well be ready to be the nail when it's his turn.

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