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Why has Boris Johnson quit? | Inside Story

34 thoughts on “Why has Boris Johnson quit? | Inside Story

  1. At a recent meeting with world leaders he spoke out the toughest words but didn’t follow up with action, so that’s why they kicked him out. Will they be able to push the next prime minister to go all the course? No.

  2. An unequivocal fact of today's world, is that a a populace – any populace – gets the political representatives they rightfully deserves. Period.

  3. Hey Boris Johnson is still making more empty promises you can not believe a single word he says. Yes Boris and his party's every Friday at 4 pm. Now Boris you can party all you like he won the election on a lie 350 million going form the NHS to the EU. The rest of the Conservative party are no better with the exception of Davis Davis

  4. Frankly, what is happening in UK is also happening in USA( Joe Biden worse there), Canada (Trudeau is moving his country to communism), Australia ( Albanese also moving to socialism). So, it seems appropriate that all these leaders should also resign.

  5. At least he has the decency to resign when told to. Of all the leaders in the world, Biden should be the first to go, then Trudeau then Albanese.

  6. Regarding Borris suggesting that the UK should be part of an effort to bring Russia to its knees, this is laughable from a nation thst is on its knees !! It is pathetic. As for the USA, ask the Arapaho, the Cherokee, the Lakotah, the Wampnoag and countless other virtually exterminated peoples if they would trust the word, the motives or the methods of a US regieme: then ask the Lybians, the Syrians, the Iraqies if the US had thier best interests at heart as the US/UK regimes destroyed thier countries…. I do not think that I need to say more…. except Cuba, which the US was willing to fry us ALL for ….

  7. In the United States, I hope Biden will do the same soon.

    Biden is sending billions of our tax money to Ukraine like they are our brothers or sisters. While here at home people are living with relatives to survive.
    Biden health is obviously declining in front of us.
    His son's laptop scandal with cocaine, which his son needs to be doing jail time by his own fathers words or is he exempt from punishment 🤔
    His wife taco speech
    He can also take Kamala with him too, bye Falisha.

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