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Does Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou sell?

30 thoughts on “Does Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou sell?

  1. if Jon Jones is A underdog Against Ngannou then That would put the biggest smile on my face And I bet the Ranch on Jon Jones. BUT I don't think that he would be the underdog. I can tell you one thing If he was the underdog to start it wouldn't last long everyone would be betting jones

  2. It will sell, simply because jon will show up to throw, and after watching the caution in ngannou vs gane, i think we'll see a different champ.

    Francis is going to be out until at least December. Give us jon vs stipe as a tune up until then.

  3. I find it interesting Jon hasn't mentioned Jiri even for a second. Jon is on gear and probably can't make 205 anymore. Is Jon even tested anymore?

  4. You can’t compare this to to Ngonnou v Gane! No one knew who the hell Gane was until a fight or 2 prior to the title fight. Even the most casual of fan knows Jones and Francis. If this fight isn’t big money it’s on the promotion. I think this fight makes the most money if both fighters get a fight under there belt and THEN go at it.

  5. That should not even be a question Jon Jones versus Nagano should definitely be The desired fight because Nagano is going to sleep Jon Jones!!!! Just like Alex is going to sleep Izzy I cannot wait

  6. This fight definitely sells. As a person who loves ufc but doesn’t spend money on bs pay-per views, I would gladly buy this fight. I’m sure many others just like me would too

  7. I do want to see Jones vs Francis but I think he should have a fight or 2 in heavyweight first to see how he does with the extra weight he's been training his whole life at lighter weight the extra pounds could affect him in different ways .

  8. I want to see Jones fight Ngannou because I want to see Jones get KO'd. Simple as that. I don't want to see Jones vs. Stipe (as much) because I feel like Jones can win that match.

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