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South of France faces “heat apocalypse” as thousands flee their homes – BBC News

29 thoughts on “South of France faces “heat apocalypse” as thousands flee their homes – BBC News

  1. This it's tragedy, pure tragedy,the only hope we have it's in the hands of a government able to tackle this ,but not France government, the entire world government.
    We ,firefighters and all the person's in the world, who want to do something ,we are helpless, we just haven't the tools…only governments decisions, especially now, when we have the technology and the knowledge to do it….

  2. Why should we Australians be the only ones to suffer extreme temperatures EVERY summer? WHO especially in France of all places, or the rest of the world gives us over here a thought? We get higher temperatures than them on any given day in summer. So now they experience it, so now they know. Still, their thoughts are for themselves. This had to come!

  3. Us humans deserve this, whenever I get beaten or robbed I smile knowing my RAT species just like me are NOTHING. We’re little parasites deluding ourselves to protect our fragile egos,. One day I might just to end some bloodlines and use my life to rid the chaff from the crop.

  4. Oh my goodness what's going in this world fire in Europe, agressive war against Ukrain by Russia, civil war almost every where hunger Drought lack of good leadership economic crisis food shortages cronna virus….. You name it

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