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Parkland school shooting gunman faces death penalty as trial opens – BBC News

31 thoughts on “Parkland school shooting gunman faces death penalty as trial opens – BBC News

  1. Killed 17 randomly shooting that's a rush of adrenaline and fun happening to the suspect. A lethal injection is a mercy way of killing him but that's unfair to the victims lost lives not even a pinch of equality for them. And the suspect would gladly accept that with fun and smile. Behind bars forever would be the best thing that's a life long torture..

  2. Death Penalty is the only Penalty that makes sense in this Case and all Cases like this!
    Everything else is Joke, why put him in Jail, when hes 40 hes back out…

  3. I believe every mass shooter and especially school shooting should be sentenced to death. And it must be done soon, say within a month or two. Secondly they must die by gun shots that means firing squad just the same way they killed others. We give these monsters too many grace when they don’t care about others. This is a clear case. There’s no error about who may have done it. That’s why I’m not a judge.

  4. Death sentence after years of torture and his parents should have their spines broken so they must live in wheelchairs for the rest of their lives.

  5. He was so young at the time. We don’t even know if he made bad online friends and just did what they said. I can’t believe they are not focusing on the fact that he could obtain firearms in the country even though he was so young. They need to focus on gun laws.

  6. dath penalty is too light for these kind of people, torture penalty is the right one, imagine a mass murderer suspect or a rapist or a pedophile gets tortured in public and life televsion and watching them regret their life decision after doing such evil thing, oooo man thats gonna be hella funny to see as they beg for their life looooool and and i forget something very important, and let them know they will die in slow painfull death for their mentality llooooolll.🤣🤣

    also, My deepest condolences to the victim's family

  7. Does he has serious mental illness which provoked this? He does not look really accountable sitting there.
    It is sad and tragic but do they in these cases investigate killers mind maximally? Like do they research those kind of people to prevent this from happening in the future? I mean in USA mental health problems is pretty common.
    And why he had a gun in the first place? Everyone always so confused and angry about murders but no changes are made regarding guns. Why the heck in 21st century everyone in USA thinks that having a gun is must have and cool?

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