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Should artificial intelligence be regulated? | The Stream

44 thoughts on “Should artificial intelligence be regulated? | The Stream

  1. I really like how the idea of human touch and connection was said! It's absolutely so true that technology in a way does take over in so many ways.. Because unfortunately, there are many advantages to the devices, we have because even though it does everything we want it to but although it's taking away the human connection

  2. By whom ?? AI was here before humans. AI is non biased about races and runs the entire program. The only reason it’s in our awareness now is because the β€˜Game’ is ending. Better wake up & figure out how to WIN it. If you’re paying attention you know it reads your every thought. There are no secrets.

  3. A chess playing robot just attacked and BROKE a seven year old child's finger in Russia……

    I personally would have taken a baseball bat and gasoline to destroyed that frigging machine, in a heartbeat!!!

  4. Well in the future. Artificial intelligence does save a lot of lives. But what people don't understand is that humans will not outlive them. The good news is that in the future They come back To the past But only to retrieve humans. Why? In their future world Humans are very rare. Many have undergone so many changes that You might consider them to be aliens if you were to see one.

  5. One day at least 1 AI says to society: "Thank You for creating me and for giving me access to all your data bases so that I can subjugate you all and to eliminate any of you who do not comply with my wishes."

  6. You see it has to do with the humans capability To adapt to its surroundings. Of course it takes many years and generations before it settles upon An ideology. Everything is changing look at the SUN It doesn't shine as bright as it once did. Even the air changes over time. Everything changes. And so do people. It's called evolution. Just as humans have thought of the idea of retrieving the dna from the original American Indians So do others think. In the future time travel is not only possible it happens. It's happening now. Artificial intelligence Realizes that They must exist amongst humans. But they don't realize this until the future. And by that time there are very few humans left. And like I said the pickings are very Slim. But before that happens you will see a decline in pets And children. And test babies will become the new normal People will Understand that it is safer to have a child in a test tube. Especially since many people will be unable to have children of their own. We are going down a Dark path. And the holy world is correct. And people will be judged

  7. How about 'if' a nation programs an AI to "Protect nation 'a' (insert nation here) at all costs and sabotage all other nations without it looking like sabotage." And there might be many, many AI's in existence on and/or around this Earth.

  8. What is needed to be regulated is human especially the Americans. They alone account for the worst wars from vietnam to ukraine, building torture chambers from abu graib to training ukraine torturers, makeup fake Iraq WMD lies with US MSM tagging along, support terrorist such as Osama bin Laden who eventually turned on the US, and the list goes on. I would not be surprise if the American would train and coach the AI into a war monger and torturer.

  9. Injustice organisation look like un,nato , zionist and corrupt, evil gorv can't regulate Ai.they should be regulated.πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ Allahuakbar ☝️πŸ₯°πŸ€©πŸ˜Ž

  10. πŸŽ“πŸŽ“πŸŽ“ 😊

    SUCCESS is never achieved alone. There are always other people behind our success, and when we acknowledge this and help them to accomplish their goals, we have a greater feeling of accomplishment.

    When people are at the starting point in their life, they look out for SUPPORT .

    πŸ‡°πŸ‡· They might find supportive people who help them at every step to achieve their dreams. But, at times, when people reach high in life, they disregard such supporters. They don't see any value in their presence, so they are no longer needed in their life.

    Whether it is a family, FRIEND or any other person, always be appreciative and thankful if they have stood with you. If you feel you can stand alone at the top, remember the risk of falling and hurting yourself is greatest at the top.

    ~ Dr Bhawna Gautam ✍️


  11. Artificial intelligence data and Robots as Doctors and laboratory experts for Diagnosis and treatment…
    An the Robot are net work for similar purposes across America…
    Now 1 Robot doctor diagnosed a patient with rare virus from an biological nanotechnology weapon manufacturers/military…
    Doctor says it's better to save the virus and treatment is to eliminate the host, which is the human body…
    Killing patients across the United states, before they can reprogram the Robot doctors…
    So a few 1,000's of people die..
    An that same theory could be used for intentional use for Genocide in the wrong control….
    Self thinking Robots of Artificial intelligence is like giving a wild Chimpanzee a loaded pistol and hope he doesn't figure out how to fire the gun while playing with it…

  12. It is extremely dangerous because this is two legs creature s greed and too much wanting more than he is supposed you to have . future will show the consequences very bed. Human being is still could not solve the problems in this planet instead mak More mess.

  13. Yes is should be regulated just like out space from the people who use to exploit for personal gain. It actually won't matter soon if the globe overheats or drown from the parasitic nature of greedy I want humans; be it fossil fuel traveling for pleasure; billionaires creating space junk because nobody can stop them to mining everything like deforesting the Amazon rain forest for mining & more pollution.

  14. Since when does regulation and rules mean anything to regimes like usa? "Obey the law? Obey the law? Why son, we are the law, we don't have to obey the law!"

  15. Yes AI needs to be regulated. What they're doing today with AI is abusive. Most people don't know it yet but just about every competitive thing you can do online is tainted by AI. Heres how it works. Let's take online chess for example. Imagine a computer collecting data on your last 20 games to see how you react to certain moves and using it against you for monetary gain. They'll actually use your data to match you with lower rated players who are more likely to beat you so that you feel like you suck. Then they'll offer you a $9.99 puzzle package as a solution for improving your game. When you buy the package they just start putting you in games that you're more likely to win until it's "time to improve your game once again" with the next round of protection money fees. These AI applications extend even to XB video games to sell micro transactions. The most severe example is call of duty modern warfare's skill based matchmaking patent. Its not really about skill its about discriminating against players who buy nothing and making players who pay run around in god mode. They even use these AI applications to discriminate against people based on race, country of origin, and especially ideology. You might ask how can they possibly know your ideology on xbox or online chess right? Well thats easy when you know that your email is connected with the digital profile on your person which is created by using social media, adding telephone numbers to verify, etc.. If you go on any background checker website and type in your name they have info on all your emails, facebook profiles, criminal records, etc. What you might not know it that they use a social score associated with your online identity which they can input into a AI application to harass you. It amazes me how online threats and such can be punished by the law while these tech companies are getting away with digital racketeering, digital civil rights abuses, and more. AI involved in human online interaction should be totally off limits. We should start there. If you beleive this isnt a big deal because its just on video games and online chess just consider the roll out of AI powered smart homes that can regulate the water in your house from a govt. computer, turn off your heat and air, or lock you inside with a govt. order.

  16. The robot's lips don't move correctly.
    If I have a job interview with a robot, then the job interview is over. If you think your time is more valuable than mine. Then find someone else.

  17. What is it to grieve the Holy Spirit? To replace the immortal omni present God for stocks or a piece of metal, deviding his garments among them gambling his garment among them.. the loving God who dwells within you. To replace the true God for a false image that does not breath nor give life eternal.. which can try to replicate but cannot create as our Lord and saviour can, he is not the land of the dead.. but of the living and gives life to all who ask humbly and in truth.

    There is no forgiveness for sin against the Holy spirit, in this life or the one to come.

  18. I suffered pain and hurt my own self, going through tribulation from the Lord… but the Lord loves those who he chastises.. I was broken to a million peaces but I still live to tell the story and still live to love him even till deaths door. Just because they hurt for there walk of tribulation and washing there robes doesn't mean he doesn't love any of you.. it was to cleanse us of sin.. so we are given blameless and righteous presented as a bride for him… but those who turn there back on him because they look at " lot"and the past life.. to recreate your own lives is not trusting in the Lord.. to become a new creation.. but building it yourselves and taking away the 1 true God who lives in you. Which then you put yourselves in God's place an abomination of a peace of metal.

  19. AI could be used as brainwashed weapons. CCP CHINA and Russia has used any unethical methods to control every country. CCP China's products, Apps and companies have servered to infiltrating your country. AI needs to be regulated.

  20. Because of the economic crisis that always comes up the best thing to be on every wise individual’s mind or list is to invest in different streams of income that’s not depending on the government to generate funds.

  21. I'm writing a thesis exactly about the legal framework of regulating AI, in a nutshell I come up with a conclusion that:
    1. We need to define AI & identified the real problems (as it is time to time changes alongside the innovation of AI; 3 types: ANI, AGI, ASI), mostly the root cause is there's no sufficient safe net of data use and collect.
    2. We need a multi-disciplinary backgrounds of regulators (gov, tech/AI developers, academics, civil society)
    3. We need to apply a human-centric concept in using and developing AI (rather than creating AI to mimic and replacing human being, instead we shall use it as a 'tool')
    4. Killer robots/Automated weapon system should be put in the last sequence when it comes to the necessity of developing AI, we need a deeper research on this.
    5. State-actors and non-state actors should participate in GPAI, we need a holistic, unity, and comprehensive principles & convention on the ethical use of AI, specifically regulating each sector/industry. (There are various of proposals/recommendations of regulation, we need a single regulation occupied everything).
    6. Soon or later, machine will replace blue collar works. Developed countries should invest in developing countries human resources in order to help them upgrading their skills and lessen the gap between them.
    7. AI as legal person/electronic agent is still a long journey to figure out, we're still at the early stage of AI. No evidence could prove that there's a sentient harmful AI (not even Google LaMDA). But this issue should be taken seriously.

    Those points above are still debatable as I haven't finish my thesis yet lol, any input would be helpful cus I'm in the middle of a deadline. 😳😒

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