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Adding MORE fuel to Steph Curry’s fire?! Are you liking the pettiness? | NBA Today

49 thoughts on “Adding MORE fuel to Steph Curry’s fire?! Are you liking the pettiness? | NBA Today

  1. Steph is 1 of the rare Superstars who doesn't need the ball in his hands. You have Stars who needs to dominate the ball to be effective. You put Steph besides players like Lebron, KD, Giannis, & Luka just to name a few…& Steph can play alongside those guys easily. Because he plays off ball so much it opens up more offensive looks for everyone else. Steph has the best stamina & conditioning in todays game. Imagine how much energy you must exert chasing Steph around all game.

  2. Steph and Giannis are the MOST hated players of this era and they're literally hated on for opposite reasons that ain't true which means: y'all all🤡
    KD stans in SHAMBLES😂😂😂
    And it's truly lonely at the top.

  3. I'm loving the pettiness because for too long Steph has not gotten the respect or recognition his game deserves. So I support him in his petty tour!

  4. Great recovery! She knew when she said “I really enjoyed him” it sounded wrong so she was about to say “not like that” but she recovered and made it seem like she was going to say “I’m sure I really don’t agree with him” Lol. Watch it again if you missed it.

  5. It just doesn’t make any sense. Since 2015 he’s consistently been targeted in pick and rolls on the biggest stage, and since 2015 he’s been winning chips. If his defense was nonexistent the Warriors would not have had the same level of success as they do in this reality. LeBron James NEVER dominated that “mismatch”. Go back and read articles from during those finals. LeBron James NEVER dominated that “mismatch”.

    Curry has always had strong defensive iq and positioning, has led the league in steals due to active hands. He’s a point guard not being asked to guard centers obviously. At his guard position, he is an above average defender, great rebounder, has great core strength to avoid being bodied in a post up (Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown both could not cook Curry, and note how every game in that series was decided by double digits) and someone you’d rather have on the court than off. You can refer to ESPN’s Steph Curry’s historic NBA Finals performance, in four charts | Stat Stories video on youtube.

    Steph Curry’s offense is his defense

  6. How many contact layups he make in the Finals. Pull the stat sheet more 2's than 3's. Plus defense like 2 steals a game. 5+ rebounds 5+ assist averaging 30 a game. Okay. Mike who

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  8. STEPH IS PROOF THAT PSALMS 82:6 IS TRUE——– WE ARE GODS IN EMBRYO ( Steph is just much more progressed than the rest of us )———– the man is PERFECT. DONT HATE. CELEBRATE!

  9. Still the most overrated player ever no matter how u wana look at it. Everyone know Wiggins saved them in the finals and he deserved the MVP but they gave it too sorry little steph just for scoring because the nba felt bad for him. I didnt know the nba handed out participation awards. Not a leader. Not a point guard. Not a defender and definitely not a playmaker. Just a scorer. Trash player just saved by Draymond leadership and playmaking. Saved by Klay clutch shooting all playoffs and Wiggins defense/clutch shooting. Everytime he goes off the floor golden state does better. Just watch the games back. Fraud finals mvp

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