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Mike Tannenbaum: Lamar Jackson will sign the biggest contract in the NFL | Get Up

36 thoughts on “Mike Tannenbaum: Lamar Jackson will sign the biggest contract in the NFL | Get Up

  1. The owners are mad the browns gave deshawn that money no owner is giving out that kind of money again if Brady never got kind of money what makes you think Larmar will

  2. love to see all these racist football fans upset Lamar about to get paid more then there favorite white qb 🤣. these are the same people who said Lamar would never make it let alone be a unanimous MVP. now they can't put understand why a guy who is carrying a franchise on his back with limited weapons is about to get paid. next when he makes or wins a Superbowl we will hear more excuses to why he isn't a good QB lol go check his record as a starter … and then go cry lol

  3. Big time risk. Love Lamar, but…. No AFC Championship game. No Super Bowl. 5 years in? Starting to get injured more and more? Limited success in playoffs? If you give him the money now(I prefer to franchise) I don't want to hear what the OC is doing, how many injuries the team has, how bad an in-game coach JH is, the lack of talent at receiver. ALL that goes out the window. Can you throw outside the numbers? Can you check down on plays that are called? Can you stay healthy? You get the 💰 🤑 💸 💲 you got to produce. PERIOD. I'm rooting for you.

  4. Ya aha this is the same guy that said the Patriots have to sign Cam Newton to a $25 milli plus contract after he did aight against 2 horrible defenses when he first played 2 games or so he played with them, not the most smartest guy in the bunch here…….

  5. I respect Lamar so much tbh. He’s betting on himself and even willing to go into the season without having the deal done. He’s a different breed and moves like a real man. Other players (nba, nfl, and mlb) act like children more and more, but Lamar isn’t going that route. He got my full respect 🤞🏾hope he gets everything he’s looking for!

  6. It will be the biggest waste of money as his skills- or lack thereof- don't translate well to the NFL. Poor decision making; an inability to process information quickly, coupled with a mediocre arm and release are not the hallmark of championship QB's. His athleticism is second to none, which up to now, has more or less masked his deficiencies. The Ravens can get him "all the weapons" pundits seem to think he'll need but that simply won't be enough to overcome his shortcomings.

  7. If he is asking for max all the way around then you roll the dice another year…. you don’t guarantee and pay a running quarterback all up front his entire contract like that – show me that you can accurately throw, that last years accuracy on deep throws was a mistake. At some point the pay scale tips the team – and doesnt make sense. (2 first rounders and roll the dice again)

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