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Aaron Rodgers calls out Packers' young receivers | SC with SVP

20 thoughts on “Aaron Rodgers calls out Packers' young receivers | SC with SVP

  1. Aaron must not remember all the mistakes when he was just starting out. Grow a set Aaron and support your teammates instead of ragging on them, nothing wrong with mistakes if they learn from them. You really think you're something special, I personally would not want to play with someone like him who thinks his sh-t don't smell. Be glad when he retires, Rodgers has become annoying as Roethlisberger was in his last 2 years.

  2. Brady would have won 10, maybe 12 Super Bowls if he had been a Packer quarterback. Instead he took the ringless Patriot franchise and got them 6 rings, and won another with the hideous Bucaneers. The Packers have won 12 World Championships without Rodgers!!! He has failed them.

  3. Could you imagine the vitriol if Baker Mayfield bragged about doing Peyote and threw his receivers under the bus?

    Yet Rodgers does it and everybody slobbers all over his manhood. 🙄

  4. It’s interesting how Aaron Rodgers can freely call out WRs who are young and need time to grow and learn, yet Russ took heat for calling out an O-Line that hadn’t been getting the job done for years — after he took it for years without saying a word.

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