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Top U.S. & World Headlines — August 17, 2022

39 thoughts on “Top U.S. & World Headlines — August 17, 2022

  1. Stacey Abrams claims her 2018 election was stolen and is allowed all over social media; President Trump claims his 2020 election was stolen and gets an FBI investigation and silenced on social media. Hunter Biden committed multiple felonies recorded on video that are completely ignored by the FBI. The 2020 “summer of rage” riots were executed by BLM and Antifa, supported by democrats, yet go uninvestigated. Crime is out of control in dozens of democrat cities while the FBI and media do nothing. Since Biden’s inauguration, he has ceased enforcing the border and millions of illegals alienshave poured into the U.S. – the FBI and media do nothing; 100,000+ Americans died of drug overdose in 2021, largely due to fentanyl from China smuggled across the Mexican border, and nothing is done or said. And following the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade, dozens of pro-life pregnancy centers have been systematically vandalized and destroyed, and the FBI refuses to investigate.

    With all those crimes to investigate, what does the FBI do? They invaded and raided President Trump’s home, with 30+ agents, on a bogus “looking for classified documents” witch hunt. Seized documents include those protected by attorney-client privilege and thousands of declassified documents. The media praised the raid as a victory for justice despite the magistrate, who signed the warrant being staunchly anti-Trump. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State, set up an unsecure internet server, transmitted classified information, and destroyed 30K classified documents and cell phones that had been subpoenaed. She knowingly broke the law; the FBI proved she did; but her home wasn’t invaded by 30 agents, and she wasn’t prosecuted.

  2. We defeated The Japanese Empire, and The Third Reich. Do Russia and China really understand what and who they’re up against? I don’t think the do, but they better recognize! Don’t f*** with the U.S.A. We don’t take what you give us. We take what we want!

  3. Perfect! So if Putin says the US is dragging this out, the US can now immediately prove him wrong by coming up with a ceasefire. Ball's in the US' court.

  4. 9:36 – Sacheen Littlefeather
    Did not know that John Wayne attempted to remove her from the stage, and Clint Eastwood mocked her. Glad times have changed at least a little. That took a lot of courage to get up there and do that, and the same genocidal impulses felt free to attack her then that had free reign for 600 years.

  5. There is no cure for this so called global warming of climate change but 1, but man is locked in confidence in himself. These things are written but how many believe them that claim they believe them.

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  7. Look at how pitiful and disgusting Biden looks he himself feels his horrific lie within him but knowing and know how is this bill going to help out the American people… These corrupt politicians truly belong in prison for betraying the American people murderers criminals and thieves sitting up in the Washington White House both Democrats and Republicans the garbage of American and Human Society 🇺🇸🤔🤑👹🌍🤑

  8. USA and Israel will not stop until Palestinians are wiped out just like Hitler did to the Jews. In this case they will take over the water, oil and other resources mainly their land what is left!

  9. What an honorable thing to say, that Liz Cheney drew the line at overthrowing the government, while up until that point, voted for almost everything on trumps agenda. Gtfo liz

  10. Liz Cheny should taste water bording herself, she thinks it's okay to torture innocents, but what else can we expect from a killer's daughter.

  11. Growing weapons arsenals is more important than growing food or supplying water to the masses. Where is all the water from rains and floods going, why is'nt it collected.

  12. wasn't aware clint eastwood and john wayne were triggered by sacheen littlefeather, but not surprised. a huge moment almost 50 years ago, you have to be one warped individual to not see america's horrid treatment of native americans, still happening today.

  13. Notice what Amy Goodman does, this is pure evil. Towards the end of each news story she adds unsubstantiated Democrat communist talking points (false accusations) and insert her garbage into each story along with segments of totally fake news. I remember many years ago when I used to take her seriously now she's just a total joke.

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