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Donell Jones on Signing with Babyface & LA Reid's LaFace Records After Writing for Usher (Part 3)

22 thoughts on “Donell Jones on Signing with Babyface & LA Reid's LaFace Records After Writing for Usher (Part 3)

  1. Chicago and the surrounding area is still known as Jazz, Blues and Gospel capital of the world, the migration from the South, played a major role for it’s soul music and All the manufacturing jobs up there. All the Boom Boom Rooms and whole in the walls Joints was in Chicago. So many black artists wrote, play all the instruments and playing sets. SAM COOKE, NAT King Cole, Low Rawls, Muddy Waters, Earth Wind and Fire, Curtis Mayfield, Quincy Jones, Minnie Riperton, Jodie Watley, Von Freeman

    Now: RKelly, Avant, Dave Hollister, Kanye, Common, Donell Jones, Chaka Khan, Luda, Jackson 5(Gary, Indiana), Babyface and After 7(Indiana) list goes on.

    Biblical Speaking, Tribe of Judah, means praise, it’s aligns perfectly who we are according to scriptures.

  2. Eddie F is one of my hometown heroes….I remember i went to an event in Manhattan back in the early 2000’s with my mentor and Eddie F and the whole untouchables crew we was sitting with Eddie F and the crew Donnell was there and I remember I wanted to snuff him(punch him in the face) because he just came off the high of his successful “where I wanna be” album and he was feeling himself and it rubbed me the wrong way…..but he eventually grew on me again…but I’ll never forget this particular evening nigga was a str8 dickhead 💯

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