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Why should Hulu pay Mike Tyson?

32 thoughts on “Why should Hulu pay Mike Tyson?

  1. Well there's one way to look at it, however there's another side to that coin. For example, why can't I sell my life story? Why isn't Hulu, Netflix and the like making a movie about my life? Simple, because it's not marketable. While I may have achieved some personal goals I haven't done anything that's even remotely worthy of anyone's hard earned dollars. On the other hand Mike Tyson has. Whether or not the events that make up his life were calculated or simply random they are his and they are marketable. As far as him selling the rights to his life, I can't answer to that. Did he sell his life rights up to a certain point? Or did he sell the rights to events yet to come?

  2. 😆 This was bad on so many levels. You spoke more then needed. Just say you have the rights & are not obligated to pay him. Saying he can’t spell marijuana was unnecessary. Then you say he only help’s people when cameras are around & you never see him help people. If you are not friends with mike & hang around him on a normal basis how would you see him helping someone if a camera isn’t around. I like the spiel you did when you went down the line of thing’s mike didn’t help doing to make or support the movie & that’s why he didn’t get a check. I thought we were told how much we are being paid before we actually start working for someone. I heard you say he was offered a opportunity to help or give insight, but I didn’t hear how much that offer came with. Ohhhh you meant to say work for free or give free insight. I’m not saying Chael is wrong & mike is right. Some of the attacks were just unnecessary to prove a point. You have the rights to his story & are not obligated or willing to give him anything for making a movie about his life story would of been fine.

  3. I completely understand all of his points. I still don’t agree. I hate when people or companies do stories on people that are still alive and healthy and that person is not involved. No matter how you look at it, it’s not cool to promote something about someone that will see it but have no involvement or atleast say is this okay. Dude talked mad shit too as if he would say this to his face. He would just say I’ll sue if you touch me. Not sure if I will watch but still don’t agree with this.

  4. Sounds like.a.jealous man with short comings. No need to bring up his learning disability. Plenty of people have this issue til this day. I bet you were picked on and trying to make it up

  5. Keep the rights to your self .. if not don't get mad about what the owner of it does .. you got paid to sell it now u want money for your story that's backwards how about you buy your rights back and make your own movie about yourself 💯💯 Hulu is wrong but again Hulu is legally ok so who cares lol

  6. I find it funny you're saying it's so condescending when Dave chappelle just went through this yes he signed a contract is still don't make the contract right or what they're doing right the fact that you don't see that as a problem they took advantage of a guy who was mentally ill many many years ago and essentially stole his rights but you see it as though you sign the contract well if we don't watch it they'll cut them in or they'll cut it out cause they won't make no money

  7. I get here you’re coming from Mr. Sonnen. I do. However, Mike isn’t the type to go around telling everyone about all the shit he does for people & filming everything positive that he does for people. He doesn’t have a big social media presence. He could. And he could do everything I just spoke on. But he doesn’t. And that’s for a reason. He’s a real muthafucker. He doesn’t care to show off about all the people that he helps & hooks up. Read his autobiography. This man gave away more money & cars & houses & gifts than 99.9999% of all professional athletes to ever walk the 🌍. I agree with you actually about Hulu not paying Tyson or anyone for that matter about a story they do without said subject’s input. Did the studio in Hollywood that made the movie Lincoln give a percentage to Abraham Lincoln’s family or foundation? Did Daniel Day Lewis donate 25% of his $20m+ he got for portraying Abraham Lincoln to Lincoln’s estate? No. Of course these things didn’t happen. It’s simply not how the industry works. I would definitely not go off for 15min about how Mike Tyson goes around looking for handouts. One, bcuz I don’t believe it to be true. Two, bcuz y’all run in a lot of the same circles, operate in the same industry to an extent. That being the fight game. And I just do not think it to be a wise decision to portray Mr. Tyson in such a way. That’s just my opinion tho. Wtf do I know?🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. No hold on just a couple things here…. When you had your little legal Tussel where you whip six guys in the hotel room you never got out in front of that story! As a matter fact I don’t think you’ve addressed it to this very day. Does Mike Tyson really win if the person who bought the rights to his life story doesn’t tell his story? How is Mike gonna benefit from his story dying? He sold his rights he sold his rights but we all wanna see the story told and live on.

  9. Should also note that Greta Van Sustren is a lawyer. Her father was a judge. Her husband is a lawyer. So she knows damn well Chael is 100% correct about this. The reason she waited until the final moments to "agree" with Mike and then just abruptly ended the interview is because she didn't want to humiliate herself by trying to provide any kind of elaboration or explanation as to why Mike would be correct in this situation.

  10. Oh no Chael now your messing with one of Dana,s buddies ,Dana is going to come after you ,you have been rubbing him up the wrong way lately Leon now Mikey you trying to start some shit aye?

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