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Yes, I said "Leon Edwards Cheated…"

31 thoughts on “Yes, I said "Leon Edwards Cheated…"

  1. I unsubbed when u played favorites with McGregor, and slowly came back. Now, I am fully done. You had TWO chances to state Usman cheated FIRST. Screw you and your biased commentary… clicked the dont recommend channel button

  2. You can't insult our intelligence in such a disingenuous way and not expect it to affect you reputation or credibility. We move forward talking your word a little less seriously. Much love, Chael, but you've knocked yourself down a peg and earned yourself a thumbs down.

    Now someone take that shovel from him before he buries himself deeper.

  3. Buddy your show is really starting to suck . You obviously did not like Leon Edwards winning and are disregarding the obvious fact that Usman grabbed the fence more than a half dozen times . The bottom line is that Leon Edwards knock Usman out and is now the champ . He earned it fair n square. You should be giving him a little credit instead of creating drama . Hope you start coming back to your senses before I leave your channel brother

  4. Ya you should watch h the fights and get your facts straight before you start talking about things you never saw . You will look more like a real man when you admit you were wrong brother. All my love and respect to Leon Edwards , he’s been getting screwed for a long time so he finally made it right for himself

  5. The thing is Chael. You were a fucking drug cheat through your entire career. Even if you had held on to beat Anderson you would have been stripped days later. So for you to try and shit on Leon is pretty fucking rich. I like you a lot. I usually like your takes. You were dead wrong in the way you approached this.

  6. Chael is so ignorant when it cones to striking. First of all luck is preparation meets opportunity. Second, Usman gave Edwards the opportunity and he took it. More than that, Edwards showed him the left to get Usman to parry, which causes the lean into the oncoming head kick. Chaels ignorants is spoken like a true wrestler. Go back to the gym Chael and learn some striking skills besides your ammeter boxing skills.

  7. At this point this is ridiculous. I think he´s just being so ignorant towards Usmans cheating because he knows it will create traffic on yt and comments, not because he believes what he says. Otherwise have some respect for yourself chael, look at the fight properly before making comments that take away a fighters well earned respect. You look like a clown with that very biased and ignorant statement.

    1. You don´t have the win streak of Leon by luck. For years he actually had bad luck.
    2. Kamaru cheated multiple times in the fight. So when you´re not caught it´s not cheating? Kamaru´s cheating had an impact on the fight and was not punished. Leon´s fence grab was caught and they got moved back into previous position. So how did he win "by cheating"? You´re not making any sense.
    3. They saw that tendency of Kamaru leaning to that side. There is footage of them drilling the kick and setting it up. It was not by accident, that Kamaru was leaning into that kick. It was perfect execution by a professional MMA athlete.
    4. The possibility that a fight can be finished at any point in the fight is what makes this sport exciting and special. In no other Sport other than fighting you can pull off a trick and the match or battle stops. And at the end of the day, if you´re standing and the other person is unconscious – you were the better fighter that day and you won, regardless of how other rounds went. Especially when it was k.o. by great skill and not some accidental headbutt or whatever..

  8. This is fucking interesting! Boxing numbers fudged. Wow. I guessed that but still Chael spitting facts. No wonder these YT’ers trying to revive this sport. MMA passed it a few years ago. Wish Chael would talk about that.

  9. why Leon cheated seems like a topic when Usman cheated too?😂 he grabbed Leon’s glove when he was trying to lock the rnc, faked some low blows. They both in a fight, if you dont cheat you are not trying, nothing to see here. Just one more thing: Pound for pound? Headshot. Dead. That’s it.

  10. Chael, regardless of whether you were technically correct, it being one of your primary speaking points hives the perception that you thought Leon cheating was the story of the fight

  11. I can’t believe anyone is even listening to anything coming out your mouth ? Wasn’t it you busted for juice fighting the spider ! If bs was music you have a full brass brand ! Buying Chris lebens story’s ect ! Your a good fighter but your not legit ! It’s coming out your ears! It’s not story telling it’s called mesmerizing a cult practice ! Nothing you say isn’t line with bs .smh

  12. Leon BAITED Usman into leaning in…. it wasn't lucky… it was the fact that he used it fake combo of the HANDS that made Usman lean. Leon PREDICTED that response and as such, it's not luck.

  13. Chael it doesn't matter if herb dean didn't see Usman cheat the fact is he cheated first so deserved to lose and you should do a video titled Usman cheated just to be fair because as it seems you just don't like Leon now maybe that's the case but you should rain unbiased

  14. Yes this unethical human should be blocked by YouTube! Obviously bias! Nope I’m not English! All please unsubscribe! I think we MMA fans should boycott this guy! Totally unreliable! Of cozzzzzz he still butthurt on silva finishing him! We should watch MMAGuru!

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