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Robert Whittaker UFC Light Heavyweight #1 Contender?

50 thoughts on “Robert Whittaker UFC Light Heavyweight #1 Contender?

  1. I feel Whittaker would be A short and smaller 205 he has fought at 170. I think Whittaker can stay at 85. He said in his post fight last night that he wants the 85 belt and he is going to take them all out till they have to give him the shot. He feels he won the last fight with Izzy and that he can beat him again I tend to agree with him. I Also think he won the last fight with Izzy.

  2. obviously Whittaker deserves another title shot he has nearly cleared out the division as the number 1 contender. but if Izzy wins against Pereira i think he will still have to wait. i dont see Izzy wanting to risk it all with Rob a 3rd time. if i was Rob id be hoping for a Pereira Ko over Izzy. because i actually think Rob has a much better chance against Pereira than he does against Izzy, simply because Pereira doesnt have Izzys takedown defense. thats where Rob has problems with Izzy, he ends up getting stuck on the feet. with Pereira he should be able to mix in takedowns a lot more effectively.

  3. Bobby Knuckles would be fun at 205 but after seeing how much bigger Mongo Marvin was. Rob would need to take some time to pull a Jon Jones 3 year bulk.

  4. Jiří its Interesting, has charisma, ko power, Interesting style and a lot of potencial and he is a champion btw 😀 and you dont care?

    Tell me what he has to do you to care?

    Jesus 😀 ..

  5. Bobby Knuckles is one awesome dude and is always fun to watch.

    But the dude was smaller than Vettori and he didn't knock the guy out.

    Why are we entertaining him at 205? Light heavies would have height and size over him, and the dude is fantastic right where he is.

    What would the guy do? Eat and gain a bit of muscle? Like, no, ma dudes. That's a silly move.

  6. Well if you wanna know really looking forward Jiri vs Glover II. First fight was a bang up scrap between 2 gladiators. OF COURSE we want the second 1. Didn't think it needed to be said. 5 now rounds, yes please 🙏🏾

  7. Whitaker can’t finish a ham sandwich. Lhw isn’t deep would get absolutely crushed. As he has no power. Isn’t a great striker or Wrestler or grappler.

    A jack of all trades who will fail against a variety of opponents.

    His best wins are against old guys. Had maybe one title defense. And Yoel could have won both fights which would make him 3-6 instead of 1-6 in many years.

    Even guys like cannonier and vitorri aren’t special fighters. Close fight with gastelum. Darren till.

    He’s just slightly better than these guys. 185 isn’t a gray weight class that’s why youbsent he champion having to fig the same guys over and over and over.

    And they just shell up and just get picked apart and happy to lose an easy decision.

  8. I think Robert Whittaker needs to take a look in the mirror. He’s on top of the world right now, but does he have what it takes to beat Izzy or Pereira? If he thinks so, stay in his current weight class and try. If not, start training for 205 opponents now.

  9. He's not going to 205. I think someone asked him if he'd like to go down and he said if anything I'd go up not down. But I don't think he's going anywhere until he can beat Izzy.

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