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Canada’s Trudeau reacts to death of Queen “with the heaviest of hearts”

27 thoughts on “Canada’s Trudeau reacts to death of Queen “with the heaviest of hearts”

  1. Sooo sad for a 96 year old born into power, riches & privileges and whose funeral expenses will be footed by taxpayers to die peacefully in one of her many mansions… So sad!!!

  2. Yes he has fond memories of our Queen but trudeau is still a tyrant, let's not forget how he treated the lorry drivers ,how he put a hold on there personal bank accounts with no regards for there families!!!..and how he openly admitted to admiring the Chinese government to how they rule over there people..even tyrants have fond memories!!!..

  3. May all our COLONIES (Ireland + Scotland + Wales + CANADA + Australia + New Zealand + South Africa + Malta + Cyprus + India + Singapore + Malaysia + Sri Lanka…)
    kneel down in this moment!πŸ™ πŸ™
    May they continue understanding that without English guidance they are nothing!
    God bless KING CHARLES III & the superior ENGLISH EMPIRE! ❣❣

  4. RIP to the Queen of Canada. She was our Queen for almost half of our nation's 153 year old history. And we are immensely proud to have her as our sovereign and head of state. Long lived the Queen. Dieu Sauve le Roi!

  5. Once Bergen leave parliament, officially there are no politicians with integrity anymore in Ottawa. Did everyone hear her goodbye speech. She thanked GOD…unlike the Liberal government who worships LGBTQ.

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