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31 thoughts on “Khamzat Chimaev MISSES weight by SEVEN pounds: “Not that bad!”

  1. Whenever I look at this man I think the crusaders must have fought people who looked exactly like him. Imagine sitting next to this guy in an airplane not knowing who he is 😂

  2. Doctor Dana stopped Khamzat‘s weighcut and saved Nate‘s life. Khamzat got so much hate for anything. They should thank him that he didn‘t ruined Nate carrer.

  3. Khamzat gave no reason…Dana gave a bullshit reason…so the only conclusion we can come to is he didn't take this fight seriously and he is not professional yet. No pro would miss weight by such a huge number. I would give it a couple years before Dana gives him any kind of title shot….he's not trustworthy.

  4. Won’t be surprised if i see anorexic fighters in the near future in UFC. Why would anyone want someone in khamzats size to cut more weight?

  5. Dude the atmosphere in the room flipped. Khamzat comes out and misses weight and acts like he doesn't care, flips the bird and walks off. In comes Nate bumping fits with everyone, posing for all the camera's and giving respect to everyone and he hits the target. Like wasn't Khamzat the guy who told Dana White no one is like him… man talked all that game and pulls this shit. Guy needs a reality check.

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